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Published on October 22, 2017 (Updated on August 13, 2018)

Clear Simple Texture Pack

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me again. i posted the last comment. after a quick surf of the web i found a great alternative to this pack. it works in mainly all of the versions of minecraft. the name is...
soft bits texture pack.
wait which versions does this pack work in. does it work in 1.16.1?
Very Good! Feels similar to the plastic texture pack.
Faithful plastic 16x16 maybe i will made 32x32 version
the swords look like there are lego
Minecraft: NES Edition
Oh the Purple in the UI is blinding jeez. I love it a ton but that purple can we maybe get that changed.
Hey a tip for a future Addon so you know that IOS can't really get capes so I was wondering maybe change the texture of each chestsplate's back and decorate the back of it with a cape that would be awesome thanks you!!
Wow, this is amazing. Keep up the good work! ?
Yay flat textures + less lagg
Cool. It’s like the plastic texture pack! Gonna try it out! I’ll give it 5 stars!
Can you like remove the purple it’s to bright for my eyes ;-;
Great resource pack! Used it to parkour and it works perfectly!
Do a boss add on with lots of bosses
I'm trying to work on that addon. The bosses are actually modified hostile mobs.
I didnt expect a boss addon to replace hostile mobs. Its not like hostile mobs would be hostile