Clearer HUD Buttons (PE)

Are you a PE player? Are you irritated by the looks of your control buttons? Do you want it to cover less of your view? Then this is the pack you've been finding,
This pack removes the background of your HUD control buttons that obstruct your view. This will help you see more of the terrain in front of you, and provide much cleaner look on your phone or tablet.

What the pack does is simply remove the background behind the arrows and other things on your HUD buttons. This includes: Forward, Backward, Left and Right Move buttons, Up and Down buttons, Fly buttons, and even the Emotes, Menu, and Chat buttons!

Walking and Flying Move buttons

Emotes, Chat, and Menu buttons

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The file should be instantly downloaded once clicked on.  

Open your Downloads Folder, and find "Clearer HUD". Move it to your Minecraft's "resourcepacks" Folder. To find this folder, find the "games" Folder, then click on "com.mojang". There should be a bunch of files but you will eventually find the Folder named "resource_packs". This is where the game keeps all the Resource(Texture) Packs you have. Move the .zip file there, and re-open Minecraft. Once you open the app, wait for the import to complete. Then you should be able to use the pack!

If you wish to use this pack in your videos, please be sure to credit me! You can put a link to my profile(SaladBrostert), or link this page in your description or comment. Please do not reupload this pack, nor claim it as your own.


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But you can already change the size and opacity of buttons on PE in settings. . .
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Yep, I know about this already. But the point of the pack is to remove the background of the control buttons so that the view you see in your screen isn't blocked, and that you can still easily see the buttons you have to press to move.
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Hmm.. Are you sure this isn't a old version of "invisible buttons" texture pack on mcpedl?
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Hmm, I'm not aware of that pack.. I made this through Pixel Studio on mobile. If you could, could you link me to that pack?
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