Published on August 29, 2021 (Updated on June 22, 2022)

CMC Furniture (Addon)

This add-on adds various furniture that you can use to decorate your worlds or constructions. You can also find several interactive furniture to have a better experience. Download this add-on and start decorating your worlds!

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- Added 4 new blocks
- Added a resource pack "GEOMETRY FIXER" to fix the geometry error of the blocks (Important to activate this pack in your world).
- Fixed some addon code errors.


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Me encanta tu complemento ojala lo sigas actualizando
This isn't working and I'm 1.17.32... every block is glitched out! D:
this addon needs more attention! the lamp, laptops and tv are so cool! yu can actually use them! i love this addon. my sister used it on her tablet and she loves it!
what texture pack you got mate
E puesto el pack pero tengo un problema que nose como se craftean ños objetos me podrian ayidar
Hey, I have a problem with the pack.. I'm sure the addon is great but I've been trying the pack but the model texture just messed up so could you help
Tienes que descargar otra textura, se llama block fixer arregla esos bloques
Pls to add working cctv that gonna be cool and im gonna download this