Published on January 25, 2022 (Updated on April 01, 2022)

CodeBreaker Resource Pack Client v4

Ever wanted a Minecraft texture pack that would make your game look cool? Have you ever dreamt about having a Minecraft texture pack that isn’t only for looks and for features too? Well, dream no more!Say hello to CodeBreaker Client. This texture pack client is inspired by CheatBreaker client from Java Edition.

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V4 Update

  • New, updated extensions, new ui switcher, ui changes, new start-up screen. Pls do republish because its a major update


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Please add support to 1.19 I'm begging
When loading the world, the logo will turn into a black picture. I hope it can be repaired
It’s like optifine but with more features. I Definitely recommend you download it.
Can't download : /
Love this pack! I wish the outlined ores were optional though. :]
This comment has been removed
I really enjoy this pack. I only have a few questions and tips:
1. Is there a music player, because when going through the files, I found something similar to another client that played music.
2. On controller, if you pair it to the device, the menu screen is inaccessible, however, you can just tap it, so it’s no issue to mobile players, but Xbox might be bugged.
3. Perhaps add a CPS display, just for statistics.
4. Adding a bow charge level would be nice, like red for least, and green for max drawback.
5. Perhaps add highlight to flying projectiles, such as snowballs and arrows, for more alert to them.
6. Last thing: A sound display. Like in most Minecraft videos, a bar showing where a sound is coming from would be helpful, due to players sneaking up and other hostile mobs, like creepers, getting the best of us.
Anyways, 10/10, great client/resource pack. Definitely would recommend!