Published on May 14, 2020 (Updated on July 27, 2020)

Coins Addon

This addon is for other developers who wants a custom currency in their addons. This is not a standalone mod. Cant be used on its own. Look in the comments for addons that uses this addon.

This addons doesnt contain any custom recipes or loots. Just the items. I developed this addon as a part of my addonpack Mechanical Skyblock (coming soon!)

There are 5 coins in this addons:

  1. Iron
  2. Redstone
  3. Gold
  4. Nether
  5. Ender

Example use cases:

  • Custom adventure map
  • Custom npcs and towns
  • Custom adventure addon
  • Custom ore addon
  • Servers
  • Commands

Check out the creator's youtube channel

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Added a brand new featured image, somehow the previous update can't change the featured image


Open the .mcpack file

Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

1. Make that coins fall out of the killed mobs
2. Create mobs that offer useful items for these coins
3. Make the coins can be combined into stacks or bags
that reminds me of terraria, killing mob a.k.a monster's can also give you coins in terraria
Yes! this addon is also inspired by Terraria's coin mechanic
Very solid addon. My only suggestion is making the items obtainable by crafting. For example, 3 iron ingots for 1 iron coin, 3 iron coins for 1 Redstone coin, and so one and so forth. When u put a coin in a crafting table, you can 3 lower ranking coins.
Nvm, I made the crafting recipes myself. I create addons too, so I decided to add the recipes myself. Unfortunately I cannot give any links cuz I don’t want any trouble soooooo.
You are free to reuse this addon! :D and you can put it on adfly or anything, just put my youtube channel as credit :3
Omg no way! That’s so cool. The thing is I like making addons for fun. I’ve never actually posted any cuz I don’t know how to. However if I have the time I’ll try. Thanks! ?
I would really like to use the add you made parma, my discord is Nooblivious#5631
I don't see the other add-ons. Can you put them please?
Please update with a crafting recipe and a new custom mob. The mob should be a banker and you trade stuff for coins. Otherwise, I like your addon
I made a crafting recipes one. If u have discord, I can send it
I made a crafting recipe one too, except you crafted the coins into resources, and vice versa, like a shop.
Hey, can I get a link to that? I'd love to be able to get these coins in survival. My discord is unclejeff123#4217. Thanks!
K I added you, I kinda forgot about this sorry ?
Unclejeff wasn't very nice to me on discord :/ he also lied.
very buggy once i have 99 just switch slots and then it turns to 64 (might be the fact that i have 42 mods)
8 of them are huge modpacks
I know that I can't pm you, but an actual bug is the max stack of 99. It's okay, I've tried that too.
I also know it's wrong to edit someone else's work, but I would NEVER steal this and so forth.
I will only edit bugs like from 99 to 64, not uploading online or make videos.
To fix that bug, go to the specific coins .json files, and edit the max stacking to 64. If u want a link to it and more recipes, I might be able to give u a download link thru discord if u have it ?
I've noticed a bug in your addon. When I move 99 coins around the dropper UI(after opening a dropper itself), it reduces to 64. I haven't tested out the dispensers yet, but it could be possible.
Guest-6633282275 May 16, 2020 at 1:03 am
Bang bisa tambahin mata uang rupiah gk :v
Guest-3208893998 May 14, 2020 at 7:19 am
Blowjop, this is good sht i really need this, sorry my english is bad :v, ngentot lu. ;)
It seems you are really bad at English, but that first word. Didn't ever think I would hear that here.
Yeah same. I'm Indonesian too so i can understand that. Idk why he did that, nor i'd know who he is. I just think that's still inappropriate to say here. If you really liked the addon then thanks! :D
Say that again... but replace the “P” with a “b”... btw awesome addon.