Published on January 24, 2021 (Updated on July 07, 2021)

Collectible Hats! || Hydrated Hats Update 1.2

Collectible Hats is an Add-On that seeks to promote exploration within the game, encouraging the player with various caps, hats or cosmetics that can be obtained through the hunt of various mobs in the game, in this first version being zombies and skeletons , which will have the opportunity to appear depending on the biome they are in, will you be able to collect them all?



Tailoring Table

This table has the function of improving the hats offered by the addon, mixing the helmets of the various available materials, each edition of hats will have its own structure to improve them, all this through this block.



Pearl Blocks

These blocks can only be crafted with 9 sea pearls of the indicated color.


Comun Edition

Collectible Hats in its first version offers a variety of 23 hats and cosmetics that can be obtained from zombies and skeletons, having a chance of spawning with one equipped depending on the biome in which they were spawned.


This edition of hats is focused on the oceans, so the mobs that can carry them are the Drowned and the Squid, having a 30% probability that they are generated.


In order not to leave the player unprotected, the hats can be improved with the help of the tailoring table and helmets of the material for which he wishes to improve.


The hats of the common edition can only be improved once using the desired material, in the case of the mud hat with wither pink, this cannot be obtained naturally, only crafted with a normal mud hat and a rose wither and the helmet of the desired material.


This edition can be improved several times, but they have their order, scaling between materials;  that is, to improve from origin to chainmail, then to gold, iron, diamond and netherite.  Also with this edition you can improve the sea pearl material, which will grant you the same benefits as their respective armor.



This new creature that you can find at the bottom of the oceans has the ability to generate a pearl from a block of sand, you just have to right click with the block to the clam while it opens, and after 5 minutes A pearl will have been generated, in addition this pearl will have a 5% chance of being a black pearl.



With the pearls you can distill potions of longevity that will give you the Health improvement effect, from rare potion bottles and a pink pearl, with the resulting potion you can increase the level with luminous stone, increase the duration with a reddish stone powder , or increase the effect level considerably with a black pearl.


The Hydrated Hats update offers the possibility of making pearl armor, which will not only provide protection to the player, also, if a full set of these armor is worn, the effect of Conduit Power will be received indefinitely until the set is incomplete. ;  to receive this effect it is possible to mix the set of the pink pearl and black pearl armor, in addition they also have cosmetics improved with these materials.

  • Black Pearl Helmet

—Durability 363

—Protection +4

  • Black pearl Chestplate

—Durability 528

—Protection +9

  • Black pearl Leggings

—Durability 495
—Protection +7

  • Black Pearl Boots

—Durability 429
—Protection +4

  • Pink Pearl Helmet

—Durability 363
—Protection +2

  • Pink pearl chestplate

—Durability 528
—Protection +7

  • Pink pearl leggings

—Durability 495
—Protection +5

  • Pink Pearl Boots
    Durability 429
    Protection +2


If you need to consult anything related to the addon, this addon has a guide in the "how to play?" of the game itself.


If you want to get all the cosmetics quickly and grouped according to their material, you can use the / function command as follows:

  • others/pearl
  • hydrated/chain_hats
  • hydrated/simple_hats
  • hydrated/gold_hats
  • hydrated/iron_hats
  • hydrated/diamond_hats
  • hydrated/netherite_hats
  • original/chain_hats
  • original/simple_hats
  • original/gold_hats
  • original/iron_hats
  • original/diamond_hats
  • original/netherite_hats

Select version for changelog:

  • Item texture scales have been reduced
  • Hats now show their upgrade material type
  • Slime and zombie loot without hats is working properly

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drink water and use this addon
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minecraft needs cosmetics this fits well with vanilla
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Great add-on. What app do you use to make this add-on
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ad fly download ad fly don't work
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Its work you cant download because you are loser
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before calling someone a looser fix your english and your hability to think because there are some countrys or devices that dont work with adfly u boomer
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