Published on October 09, 2021 (Updated on November 15, 2021)

DecoBlocks 2.0 (Before Paint Brushes)

Would you like to add more color to your world? It is obvious that with this new add-on you can color your world in a fast way. Don't be left with the desire to click and try this wonderful plugin.

  • It will be as easy as creating your brush and getting dyes.


  • To craft your brush is very easy, you will need a feather, an earthenware of any wood, and a stick.
  • You can also use dyes to get different colors.

Thanks to this new addon you will be able to make your world more creative and see it eye-catching.

Now you can also paint the wooden planks of any type and the smooth stone

We add buckets of paint. Crafting is as simple as putting together an empty bucket and 4 tints of the color you want the paint


Paint buckets paint in 3x3 instead of a single block like the paintbrush

By joining a brush with a bag of luminous squid ink you will have a neon brush. This will be used to paint certain already painted blocks and turn them into neon blocks that will glow at night


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We added neon block and paint buckets

Textures correction of the brushes and now they wear out


Y recuerda activar los juegos experimentales para que funcionen correctamente.

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Hola ¿Qué tal?, me gustaría tener compatibilidad de complementos con otro que estoy desarrollando actualmente, hay forma de contactarte?
Búscame en Discord para ponernos de acuerdo, estoy en Belytra con el mismo nombre que aquí

10/10 el único addon de este tipo es muy bueno
oohhh the cobblestone
exactly what it's supposed to paint because it doesn't work for me at all :/