ColoredWater Texture Pack

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Very nice, can you please make a colored sky texture pack
perfect ,can you please make a colored sky texture pack like how you did with the water here?
can you please add sky blue water color
you couldn't put it all in one pack?
Yeah, he could've just used something called "subpacks"
will it work if I download all of them?
You can change colour of clouds by using the cube map thingy.
Can you make a colored Lava texture pack
Can you do the same with fire, trees, and grass please? I don't know why no one has done this before.
Is there any way to make water less dark when looking through glass? I am trying to make an aquarium for a shark, but the water is too dark to see anything.
Is there anyway to make water less dark through glass? I’m trying to make an aquarium for a shark and the water is way too dark to see through glass.
Hmmm... as much as I respect pretty much anything pink except mouse noob poo, this does have an akward look to it. Oh wait the water looks kinda like coral which removes the awkwardness. I would get it but I have other things on my mind...
Do normal water too for bugged texture packs pls
Terms of Use, yeah right. These are useless. Once downloaded there's a lot possibilities to do with it especially nobody is caughting you. This is why APK users still exist.
Hello! Can you make a water type like Java Edition?
Golden Freddy_1987 June 28, 2018 at 10:10 pm
I can help you make a texture pack converted into one texture pack , if you like I can help you with that