Published on January 10, 2022 (Updated on January 09, 2022)

Compressed Blocks

This addon introduces lots of compressed and decompressed forms of blocks. Compressed Blocks allow for more efficient storage and decompressed for speedy travel. All are crafted with the compressor block.

Compressed Blocks

Before crafting any compressed or decompressed blocks you need to craft the compressor. The recipe is show bellow.

Now it has been crafted, you can begin your compressing.

Compressable Blocks

  • Cobblestone
  • Compressed Cobblestone
  • Dirt
  • Gravel
  • Netherrack
  • Sand
  • Paper (use paper items)
  • All decompressed blocks

Decompressable Blocks

  • Cobblestone
  • Snow
  • Dirt
  • Netherrack
  • Ice
  • All compressed blocks


To compress blocks you place 4 of the item into the compressor in a 2 x 2 shape

To decompress blocks you place the item into the compressor, you get 4 blocks back from it.

Block Speed

The compressed blocks decease the player speed and the decompressed ones increase speed. With the decompressed blocks you can make super fast transport systems (especially if you use ice) and with compressed ones you can slow down the player and make traps.

Walking on compressed cobblestone

Walking on decompressed ice

You are not permitted to do anything with this addon unless given my permission.


This project uses Regolith.

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Fixed issue with submisson. Added videos of the compressed blocks.


Requires Holiday Creator Features to be enabled.


  • Compressed_Blocks.mcaddon (86.77 KB)

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