Published on April 29, 2019 (Updated on May 11, 2019)

Compressed Blocks Add-on

Have you ever had your chests full of that needless gravel or cobblestone? Well, so do I! This add-on has been created to compress the most common blocks so that they can fill less space than ever!

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  • Added new compressed block variant for granite, andesite and diorite
  • New texture for every compressed block based on new Jappa textures.



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Why not 2×compress and more
Creeper aw ma-
aww man.
I like this mod, it's just I think you need to add Compressed Wood logs or planks and also like everyone else is asking for, Compressed Ores.
Cant get the mod to work. I have enabled ex gameplay and im on beta
Amazing addon helps alot with storage. overall this is very convenient addon. Here a little suggestion if you can add double triple compressed block at least for more common blocks like cobblestone since stone takes 80%of the map also add more common ore materials like coal redstone and iron if your up to it you can make even make coal eventually compress into dimonds after a certain point.
why doesn's it work
Aw man, I was in the process of making a compressed cobblestone add-on when I saw this! I have up to octuple compressed cobblestone in my addon, but I only have cobblestone. I will still try to upload mine, seeing as it IS different. Great work
SandFromUndertal May 13, 2019 at 9:34 am
How long until you release it. Because I will download it right away.
Make blocks of coal,iron,gold and diamond be compressable into compressed ore blocks I am really annoyed of having more than 64 coal blocks in my chests
2 Things 1- How do we return the blocks to normal so we can craft? 2-Isn’t wood more common than these blocks and we can’t make a cool wood farm?
put the compressed block in the crafting table to ontain 9 items.
You should use the NEW TEXTURES... Because the old ones on with the new textures seems a little bit off...
I know, i would like to update them this weekend
Make a nether star compressed block
why do you have a full chest of nether star or something?
But a nether star isn't even a block-