Published on October 04, 2019 (Updated on October 04, 2019)

Concept Bee Add-on

This addon adds bees as a concept to minecraft bedrock edition, they have the same texture and animations as java to give you the feeling that these are really in the game.

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When Bees Werent In Bedrock This Was The Best! Concept
Bees Are already in the game.....oh wait this was made before bees came out ohhhhhhhhhhhh..... right now there nether updates a snapshot already this is old..
It works but it is only the bees?
It is great! Everything works! But one thing: i just realized that when u spawn bees, the bees will plant trees.
Also my rating is five stars.
Forgot to rate again, now i rated XD!
Works... But... The Floor/Grass are moving, like a underwater move. '-' How to fix it?
Iam have bee not honey bottle bee hive and bee nest honeycoms
Literally, there is bees in JAVA EDITION!! Here is some things I want you to update:

1. Give the Bees sounds

2. Make the bees get ANGRY when attacked

3. Allow them to be bred with ANY flower

4. Add ALL the items added for this Addon in your inventory
Bees are out in bedrock too, it just came out today.
Bees don't get angry if i hit them
How to get them in inventory?
Crashes immediately
Hey can you update The Infinity Gauntlet addon plssssssssssss
i have no clue how to install it? help me
When you get redirected to adfly, don't press/click anything untill you see the button "Skip the ad"
or whatever it is. Then wait for a while. When u have waited for a while, you will be redirected to the download link.