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Published on June 15, 2017 (Updated on June 15, 2017)

Concrete Parkour [Parkour]

Concrete Parkour is a really fun parkour map where all throughout the map you will automatically get different boost effects in order to complete challenging jumps. There are lots of great levels so you can expect quite a lot of gameplay. But since it uses repeat command blocks to detect the player position it might cause lag on low-end devices.

Creators: Team 47.3 (Electrocat1463 & Caz1971)

How to play?

The different block colors represent a few different possibilities: boost effects, spawn point, teleport or immediate death. Half of the fun is figuring out which is which so I won't go into details about that here.

The boost effects (e.g. jump or speed) are essential for completing certain jumps.

There are multiple levels throughout the map and on some places there are checkpoints.

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3.84 / 5 (31 votes)
When i get to level 4, i set checkpoint but then i got death loop
Hey what is the new map called I really want a new map
You guys create this 2 days after my birthday lol.
I can't play too much lag when I die and re spawn I ag Ike crazy
Hey can you reduce some commandblocks beacause its too laggy
How did you do this?
This is soooooo laggy
This map was great and very fun but level 5 was a little confusing.
One of the best Maps i've ever played
Guyz plz stop complaining about the lag, He cant fix that you have poor devices k? Accept it and deal with it.
I experienced slight FPS lag as well but it is not the developers fault! You did an amazing job creating an amazing map that was fun to record! I hope to see more maps from you!
We are making a new map right now! It's more puzzles, but still has a lot of special blocks.
i used windows !) edition it was not laggy