Published on October 29, 2020 (Updated on April 03, 2024)

Conflictic Honor | Orcs Update

Conflictic Honor addon provides a variety of mobs with the aim of bringing a new experience and perspective to the Minecraft Bedrock game with unique battles, great animations, effects, and sounds.

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  • Support for 1.20.70+
  • The Soulless Knight bossbar is now compatible with other custom bossbars;
  •   The paint block function was moved to Scripting, making it much faster and more optimized;
  •  All items were converted to scripting, so now there are no problems in multiplayer and it is much more precise and faster;
  •  Many functions, abilities and mob attacks were scripted, so it is now more optimized, more precise and push attacks also push mobs with knockback resistance such as iron golems;
  •  Now enemies that have phase 2 except bosses, when generated in their enraged mode, will always have their phase 2 active, which will make them more aggressive;
  •  They moved the generation of structures to scripting, so the generation of the orc camp and the orc village is much more optimized and faster;
  •  The Ultra Low Detail was removed from the Behavior Pack, since the village is now generated with scripting, so it is not necessary to remove any feature to reduce lag, since before it used entities;
  •  Weapons now support enchantments such as sharpening, fiery aspect, knockback, and Unbreakability for melee and multi-shot weapons and Unbreakability for ranged weapons such as the auto crossbow and Orc Cannon.

Bug fixes:

  • Now the blocks emit a shadow (this probably solves the fact that some blocks were not displayed in RTX);
  •  The BUFFED soulless chestplate cape now moves correctly;
  •  Bardiche's vertical attack particles now always spawn on the ground;
  •  Weapons now consume durability;
  •  The Adult Orc's strong ground attack now no longer plays in the air
  • ; Now the Adult Orcs and Cannoneer Orc do not attack the villagers, they only approach them and capture them, you will no longer see Cannoneer Orcs shooting at the villagers or Adult Orcs carrying out an attack towards them;
  •  The volume of sounds was reduced;
  •  Fixed "Large Ground Energy" particle;
  •  The custom chests in the structures have their loot again;
  •  Dwarf orcs with crossbows no longer mount Adult Orcs;
  •  Dwarf orcs no longer grab bombs and explode if their target is a practice dummy;
  •  Fixed loot on orc village watchtower barrels;


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will you ever update your Mowzie's Mobs Mod to 1.20.70
Hello, author, can I get your authorization to upload this module to the Chinese version of My World?
The Orcs are invisibles!
plis can you update? 😭
Me crashea el juego cuando entro al mundo/It takes me out of the world as soon as it entered
Gabriel can you maybe return the old soulless knight? The new one make the loud noise and it is annoying
lolzzz of the sussy February 07, 2024 at 9:11 pm
I know this is a personal nitpick but there seems to be a feature that removes the ravager roar particles. Can you make it so that the ravager roar particles is not removed while also keeping the unique particles of this add-on. There are other addons that these particles are used and I wanted to have multiple addons in my future Minecraft playthrough (Most of them will use the ravager roar particles) so it would be pretty weird to see no particles when a mob, entity or boss does a knockback attack or ability. I know, it's not easy to develop these addons but I hope that you do that. Still a great addon nonetheless.
Sure, I will make many changes to optimize and to fix bugs soon, (and avoid the breaking changes in 1.20.70 update)
it crash’s each time I try to load the world
Im solving that bug right now, at the moment, try using Low Detail Mode on BP
Why can't I open the crafting table in version 1.20.50?
Tại sao tôi không thể mở bàn chế tạo ở phiên bản 1.20.50?