Published on June 05, 2018 (Updated on June 05, 2018)

Controllable Airplane Addon

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100/10 the people who r rating 1 star r noobs who cant figure out like 3 buttons
Why when I download it it says open with minecraft and when I click on it than it will open with temvieuwer
Who knows Why the plane keep noclip to the ground??
Works really well when you figure out the controls.
I don’t like this addon because it doesn’t work well!
When I hold the green arrow, it doesn’t go up, absolutely nothing happens
Is not working in pc is working in iOS
wie kommt man in das inventar vom flugzeug wenn man auf windows 10 spielt???
einfach e oder den knopf fürs Inventar benutzen wenn du drin sitzt
What Does Ghost Mode replace?
carrot on a stick
Can you make it for creative mode also???
nice, but can you make this look like a spitfire/
This is my first time to go I LOVE MINECRAFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for giving to us
This doesn't work for me. I'm in survival, the difficulty is normal, but I can't open the inventory of the plane.. help?
This addon is inspired by Vladu11's Vanilla Vehicles