Published on June 11, 2017 (Updated on July 17, 2017)

Controllable Llama Addon

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I have a problem with this on my samsung phone it kept turning the .mcpack file into a .zip file please fix this! This porblem dosent occur on my windows 10 laptop
It doesn’t work for Apple vices Thérèse for it sucks
It not meant for phones and it is very helpful
You can become dun dun duna duna batlama
Amazingly done! It’s like this was made already, and just wasn’t released. I love it! I can now easily move my llamas from place to place without using a lead, and I can easily ride them like you would a horse. Again, great job.
It's ok but one thing you can just tame it put it in the minecraft and rider it still good
Awesome! Great way of transportation. And finally a transportation mod that doesn't need an item to do it! Great mod.
can you plz make it a lot slower case it is very op right now especially when boosting
I love this add on but my only issue is how fast the lama is. It feels a little overpowered
I recommend not using the hay
It's so good
Hey cool addon
Hello, Sadly you need to download a file manager then it says open in (file manager name here) then open it in your file manager and rename it to LlamasControll.mcpack. THen open with minecraft pe and boom Addon :) hope I could help
I still thinking that why just llamas in minecraft are uncontrollable?
Do it to other animals plzz. Like huge ones-polar bear