Published on August 03, 2017 (Updated on August 18, 2017)

Coords Unlocker Addon (1.2 Beta Only)

Installation Guides

Plz make this work on win10
Awesome! I use the classic gui. This puts the coords out if the way in the bottom right corner, and it does not interfere with the paper doll. I had been using Fraxx01’s add-on but I recently played on a realm without coordinates and I was surprised to learn that I like the paper doll. (frax’s breaks the paper doll). I don’t like the default coordinates location by the chat, so I LOVE this add-on.
can I still get achievements? I need to know...
Please update the addon for the new 1.2 beta please!!
There is no point of this being updated as the game now has built in coords.
Which you have to enable cheats to access. Some people don’t think coords should be considered cheating, so alas we need this add on
we need it for stupid Lifeboat since they havent enabled coords.
They need to make it work for iOS
Doesn't work in the new 1.2 update or the 1.2.1 update from that on my windows 10 version
Doesn't even work all it does is change the splash text to "Made By RyFol"
Doesn't work anymore now that they added the "show coordinates" option in the cheats. Please fix this I love it! Don't wanna have to activate the cheats just for coordinates.
How could mojang butcher something so easy to make. THEY NEVER LISTEN TO US WE NEED IT IN SURVIVAL MODE NOT CREATIVE ONLY. WE USE IT IN JAVA WHAT THE HECK MOJANG. WHY CANT THEY JUST GIVE IT US LIKE THEY SHOULD. WHAT WERE THE THINKING. Someone needs to fix this I am serious. This means war mojang.
Maybe it's caused by Microsoft buy Mojang -_-
For people saying that why not just use the old one, this one actually supports the autosave icon and the paper doll (you player in the top left) as the old one these are missing
Nice addon! :-)
Could you move the coordinates to the top-center, below the Chat/Pause buttons? It would make the visibility much more useful.
When I turn coordinates on the HUD duplicates itself. Could you fix this bug?
¥NI©OL∆$¥ ¥¶L∆Y£R¥ August 07, 2017 at 11:20 am
Aren't there like...a lot more coordinate unlockers that work for IOS?
??? :D ???