Copper Golem Addon with Extra Features! (Axe Deoxidation!)

Copper Golems with the ability to tame, sit, and protect you! I know there have been quite a few Copper Golem addons, but this one will blow you away! With the ability to deoxidize them using axes and from a lightning strike, these copper golems will be a perfect addition to your world!

Make sure to turn on "Holiday Creator Features" AND "Experimental Molang Features!"



Here's a video for any extra info! (and cuteness overload)

These addons take quite a while to make! Please subscribe to my channel if you enjoy cool addons like this one!






This pack includes:

🔵Normal Copper Golem🔵


🔵Exposed Copper Golem🔵


🔵Weathered Copper Golem🔵


🔵Oxidized Copper Golem🔵






🔷Creating A Copper Golem🔷

Put down a copper block and a lightning rod, and throw a copper ingot onto the block!


🔷Taming A Copper Golem🔷

Feed any untamed Copper Golem with a copper ingot to tame it!



Right-click / interact with the Copper Golems to sit them down!


🟦Copper Golem Usages🟦

You can scrape Copper Golems with any axe to deoxidize them!



They will behave like wolves when tamed, attacking anything that damages you!



The Copper Golems will run towards any wooden buttons nearby!



When tamed, you can sit Copper Golems next to buttons and they will randomly press it!



A nearby lightning strike can also deoxidize the Copper Golems!



Oxidized Copper Golems can be deoxidized, but will not move or turn!



Copper Golems will prioritize walking onto any type of copper blocks, slabs, and stairs!


Enjoy the addon! 




I also made a copper equipment addon! If you haven't already checked it out please do so!


If you make a video on this addon, make sure to include a link to THIS MCPEDL PAGE and that only!

(copper golem, copper, weeweejuice, wee wee juice, weewee juice, copper, amethyst, gilded netherite, emerald)

Select version for changelog:


Copper Golem v1.1 Changes:

  • Minor animation bug fixes
  • Changes collision area for button pressing
  • Modified MCPEDL page


Download the packs and turn on Holiday Creator Features and Experimental Molang Features!

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4.67 / 5 (9 votes)
Also make quartz armor same durability and strength as amethyst
My plan would likely not allow quartz to be made into armor but instead as an additive to other sets. Sorry for the inconvenience 😔
Can u make stone armor addon
There are already quite a few stone armors out there so it wouldn't really be on the top of my list of equipment to make! 😁
The addon is great and I loved it, but in 1.18 you can't invoke it and you can only invoke it in versions earlier than this, everything else works great and it's fine 10/10
Thank you for your compliments!! But I'm not sure what you mean by invoke 😅
they are adorable I was sad when copper golem didn't win thank you.
would you consider giving them some sounds like when their head spins
Yeah, I want to add sounds to all of my addons in the future! It might take a while to find the right sounds though 😁
O golem de cobre poderia ter umas particulas de raios nele quando cai um raio nele
That's a great suggestion! I will be adding that in the next update! 😁
Do you plan on updating it so that you can wax the golems? And can you let them play with iron ones? It would be SO CUTE! Overall one of the most polished Addons I’ve played, thank you!
Having them play with iron golems is a great idea! I might make them waxable but I'm not too sure about doing that. Thank you for your amazing suggestions! 👍
Also forgot to rate
I really wanted the color golem and I very much appreciate you making this mod as it’s way better than most copper golem mods. So
I have returned from my 3 months of being in the void called life to grant you this idea

This Addon would add multiple enchants and a few weapons that would be compatible with your other addons and maybe directly interact with your other mods
An example is deflect

Deflect is a enchant that you can put on your shield which when it blocks a projectial it will deflect it and shoot the same projectial in the direction it came from. This would woke with all arrows and snowballs and eggs however when it deflects it takes more durability

And a weapon idea to get you started if you do like this idea is

Scythe (ooo spooky)
The scythes main attack is a spin attack that deals aoe damage around the weilder and has a 0.4 cooldown however it deals more damage then a sword

The enchants for this weapon could be sharpness
Bane of arthropods
And life steal
Life steal is a enchant that would be exclusive to this weapon and would do the following
Life steal will have a chance (10%) to give you half a heart of the entity you hit however since this enchant has three levels it will eventually heal 2 hearts at life steal lll

If you would do this it would be probably be pretty large and would take a while

I hope you like my idea and plus you don’t have to do it if you don’t want to or you could modify it to fit your liking
Thank you for all your awesome ideas! For now, there are no direct ways to add enchantments to the game, but I will try to think of a way to do that (without player.json!)
this is by far the best copper golem addon I've seen, great job !
Could you add interactions with the iron golem? Also, please make him press all types of buttons. Maybe even new copper buttons?
That's an interesting idea! I don't really know how to make blocks though 😅
remove the attacking for you feature, it doesnt make any sense whatsoever and ruins the whole idea
I get why attacking mobs would be controversial, but I believe that the core feature of a copper golem should not be simply pressing buttons. If you think it takes away from their essential role, do know that you can sit them down next to a button and they will randomly press it! 👍
i agree with the first part but... why attacking? be creative. they are supposed to be useful technical wise, and it just sounds very odd for them to attack like dogs.
I thought it would be a great addition but I guess I was wrong. 🤷‍♂️ Thank you for your advice though, I will consider changing that feature 👍
I like it can you do with more mobs and mods ?? Plus😃😃
I'm planning on making a custom storyline in the future! 😁