Published on December 03, 2017 (Updated on December 03, 2017)

Coral Blocks Addon

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are those coral fences?
Also, try to use the Zip file, but I will create a link of the compressed archive, is that okay for you, creator?
The link doesn’t work, but I won’t blame you for that, anyways, because I am very friendly, and because I saw that two of your addons are cooler than this one.
But can u please fix the link?
.mcworld, .mcaddon, what about .mcdonalds?
Haha! So funny.
If you're going to say the addon is terrible, without any explanation or example whatsoever, why are you even leaving a comment??? If you had a negative response to the product, then don't leave an inexplainable comment, tell the creator what you thought was wrong with it, and how you believe this could be changed.
Yep, thanks for saying for me the message: Please don’t be mean!
Thank you, you are very friendly.
Such a good point
If the update made Coral Blocks,what would you do ,creator?
Minecraft ALREADY added coral blocks, but this addon is perfect for those who want to decorate more their houses.
The zip doesnt work!??!?!??!??!?!
Thoses blocks look TERRIBLE, sorry for the creator but, huh
Don’t be mean!
Please make an apology to the creator.