Cosmetic Elytras

A simple pack that makes elytras have a different overlay such as diamond or iron. This can be changed by clicking the gear icon below the resource pack. This is purely cosmetic and has no effect on gameplay what so ever.

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7 NEW elytras added:

"Redstone Coated Elytra"

"Code Purple"

"Code Red"

"Code Green"

"Code Blue"


"Dragon Wings"



  • CosmeticElytraBedrock_1595523620.mcpack
  • v1.0 .MCPACK

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Haha minecraft god needs to learn how to change subpacks haha 🤣🤣🤣
Nice texture pack why are the pictures in java edition cuz you cant take screenshots in bedrock edition
This is one of the first packs i made for bedrock and didnt understand subpacks properly back then.
I just had the java edition picture already so i just used those
how do I change the elytra i'm 1.14.70
U can chanye elytras by going into the texture pack settings
Doğru yazmadı ben doku paketini nasıl indireceğimi anlamadım videoda farkli bir dildi anlatabilir misiniz bana
Ya ben nası indircemize dair bi video izledim ama videodaki uygulama farklı bir dil nası indiricem minecraftıma biri anlatsın lütfen
From the looks of it (havent tested it out yet) but can u add a phantom ely? Tht would ve cool
Its good (forgot to add tht part lol
10/10 siempre eh querido elytras de dragon (^^)
u can just place a custom cape over ur skin and then put minecon cape too,and,if custom cape has custom elytra texture,itll change.
hi im on education edition and i cant seem to change the texture from the enchanting table
i am also on v 1.12.6
nevermind i have figured it out thank you
I have an elytra request. My O.C. is a angel with lavender wings with mint green along the bone structure of the wing that connects to the back, and the tips as well as the under side of the wing. If it is possible could you please make it for people to use?
the wing textures look a little broken ...
Could you please give me more details like what version you are using and I might be able to fix it for you.