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Published on May 31, 2018 (Updated on September 11, 2018)

Crafting Dead PE Addon

This addon is a remake of the mod for Java Edition called "Crafting Dead". RedstoneLover decided to create it after he had watched Pat and Jen play the Java mod. The add-on includes several elements which you would recognize if you've ever watched The Walking Dead which is a very popular TV show about people surviving a zombie apocalypse. Some features include new zombies like the Walker and Runner and also new weapons.

Creator: RedstoneLover
Updated: 11 September, 2018 (read changelog)


  • Walker - Replaces normal zombie, no longer burns in day light, slowed down, same health (20 points)
  • Runner - Replaces husk zombie, fast, leaps at players like spiders, less health (15 points)
  • Survivors - Replaces skeletons, will help kill zombies but neutral to players.

Melee Weapons

  • Baseball Bat - Wooden Sword
  • Crowbar - Stone Sword
  • Fire Axe - Iron Axe
  • Samurai Sword - Iron Sword
  • Bowie Knife - Replaces Golden Sword
  • Chainsaw - Replaces Diamond Axe
  • Diamond Samurai Sword - Replaces Diamond Sword

The sprites and ideas for the melee weapons were all obviously taken away from the original mod, the sprites are custom, but are based on the high-resolution original sprites.

Ranged Weapons (Guns)

  • Pistol - Replaces bow, uses bullets (Arrows)
  • Throwing Knife - I LOVE this one, it replaces the snowball. And deals 5 damage (Stone Sword Atk Damage)
  • Rifle - My favorite! It replaces the ender pearl, and is really accurate (try turning on the pc crossfire) It has a cooldown.
  • Harpoon Gun - Replaces fishing rod, sticks on to an entity until it dies, disappears afterwards
  • M4A1
  • P90

None of the ranged weapons were taken from the original. "That's IT!?" I hear you saying. But with addons you can only replace current items...There's nothing we can do about that.



  • Runners now leap at their targets similar to a spider.
  • Survivors now make player sounds when hurt.
  • Zombie loot tables have been removed, they now drop what they used to drop. (no more endless supply of deep fried chicken.)
  • Walkers have been slowed down.
  • Runners are slightly faster.
  • Removed Mega TNT.
  • Zombies can see targets 40 blocks away now.


  1. Download Resources & Behaviors .McAddon
  2. Activate the packs for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this add-on here.

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puls crafting dead
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Update Survivor there are so bad and a more armor,bared wire
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Yes survivors are messed up update is really needed
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Same here
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The M4A1 acts as a normal XP bottle and survivors skins look messed up.
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yea same on my game.
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Yo,me too,I made a Video about the mod,you should check it out,and please subscribe.
Video link:
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TheMemeManHimself March 05, 2021 at 6:03 pm
...i don't even know what to say at this point
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Please update it, it really needs an update!
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you need to update this
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I have a few minor issues, all the survivor textures are broken, they work like they need to but just look wrong. As in, their feet and face textures occupy the texture space for the head, their feet are their own hands, you can see through them and overall look like someone butchered them and sew them together with air. The other issue is the M4A1 doesn't work correctly.
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Guess what? You can add your own stuff now! Please bring over more, this addon is amazing. You're talented and I beg you to keep going!
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This needs a map please create one on transfer Greenfield. Other than that no problem. To this website so I can have more fun.I love this addon!!! I've not played minecraft in a while so is the weird texture problem with the survivors fixed? I do roll plays with my brothers with this. Great job with this addon. Please add trading with the survivors. And make it were you can get so that you can have members to your group. Y'all need to check SGCBarbarian.
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Plz fix the M4A1 it wont damage things and i cant find the throwing knife also since tridents and crossbows have been added please make them a gun it would been awsome full stars if you do so :)
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The skeleton ... (survivor) we textur bug
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I really like this addons, can I update to 1.8, I don't want zombies and fishing rods to be replaced
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Uhm i don’t know if this a glitch but the AR is not working, also the survivors look glitchy
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