Published on July 21, 2022 (Updated on July 28, 2022)

Create Addon

This addon adds blocks, items and systems ported from the java edition create mod.


- Activate Experiments.

- Version 1.19.10+.

- Gamemode Survival is Recommended.

- - Made By Fan - -

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bugs fixed:

-wrench modes
-sticky piston did not pull blocks further than 10 blocks
-brown seat not appearing in the menu
-gearshift not detecting redstone blocks on its side
-check it out more in my video.


Supported Minecraft versions

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To ensure the proper functioning of the addon, it is necessary to use a block fixer.

Download BlockFixer:
Pls Update the Addon We need it in 1.19.+pls
Hey can I help you update this addon? I'm working on a pack that create will go great with and I'm hoping to maintain it for the pack.
add a potato gun please🙏🙏
Is there a version of this addon for 1.18?
Please add new block "Encased Fan"
This is impressive!! One of the best fleshed out mod ports I've seen so far.
Hope you keep up the good work!
Is version 1.19.30 isn't working?i tried it and the blocks are looked like dirt,some textures may glitched out,even with block geo fixer still not working.Please fix that.
Block geo fixer stopped working after 1.19.30 solution:- use mcpe version 1.19.21
This seems like a very good mod, but can you please not use linkvertise? it requires you to download a virus every time you need to download something. thank you
I am using this mod it's good
For some reason, some of the blocks are invisible and even with the BlockFixer it still don't work. Anyone know why?
Yeah buddy cause after 1.19.30 block geo fixer won't work it only work 1.19.21 version of minecraft i recommend playing it in that version it works well
Can you please add a mechanical arm to this addon i would love to have it and can you add the toolbox block on the create mod please