Published on October 17, 2021 (Updated on October 17, 2021)

Crinkle's Skeletons (Quick Change)

Get your smite and dogs ready because this addon brings a lot of skeleton variants to the game making a bit more challenging. This addon adds 19 new skeleton in total and its vanilla friendly.

variants screen shoot:

Skeletons will spawn fifty percent more often but in different variants.
Some of them can fit  into half blocks, some will be faster, and the shaking one can split into multiple pieces.(Soul sand valley will also be harder to navigate or explore)

This add-on will be added as a feature in my "chocolate addon V1.5.0"(you should try it).

You can modify the addon for Personal use

No need to give credits if you don't want to, but don't Claim it to be yours

And Please do not re-upload, thank you

Select version for changelog:

  • Change the external link names from goats to skeletons😅
  • No more changes


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Can you add stray variants and wither variants?
Looks good btw
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Hey, cool thing! Thinking about the same but for zombies? Also i really liked the "breaking skeleton" thing
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Why does the download link say goats?
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Ohhh Sorry, Ill correct it.... Thank you for the notice. Btw it will work just fine
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