Published on April 29, 2022 (Updated on April 28, 2022)

Crystal PVP Addon

you haven't wanted to play crystal pvp but you can only play it bedrock edition well now you can this addon has been in development for 6 months thanks to the people who helped me develop it.

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oh this is great
This add-on caused my game to not let me respawn. And even then, people who join my server that saw my character standing there (but I'm actually still "respawning") would question what's happening.. I would question that too.
Another thing is that, this add-on can break other add-ons, like the PvP Skeleton Add-on also found on this webpage. It made the Skeleton indestructible.
my addon is not compatible with other entity type addons
This doesn’t work on realms :(( Maybe change the Texture packs UUID as well as the behaviors