Published on November 21, 2021 (Updated on November 19, 2021)

Curios [v1.0.0]

This addon adds lots of curios, that are automatically detected in your inventory and give effects. Each curio belongs to a certain category, each category will only allow a certain number of curios to be equipped at a time. There are 6 different categories

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Please Update To 1.19 this mod has serious potential
The download link for the FluffyLib is broken, when i try to connect to the website it says
"This site can’t provide a secure connection sent an invalid response.
I have spell ideas for your magical spells
addon WIth the mana system and the level requirements for all spell there is so much potential for spells and i already have some ideas to make this already great addon a better 1
I will start with the level 20 spells i have 1 idea
1. A teleportation spell this spell teleports you to wherever you look it has 100 block range too it uses 300 mana aswell
There should also be Movement spells for the first 1 it is a dash wich gives you speed 5 for 3 sec
the 2nd movement spell gives jump boost 5 and then slow falling both spells take 50 mana and are level 5 spells
there should also be a invisibility spell wich does not show armour or particles it could stay for 200 ticks it is a level 15 spell
i had the idea for defensive spells aswell 1 of them could place a dirt wall and the other could make a wall and ceiling of dirt
I have other ideas so yeah if you want tell me and i can put them down IF this might be too hard for programming i wouldnt know and im sorry
Can I use Your add-ons in a modpack "Insanity" with 10 other addon creators like screenfy,vatonage,etc
how do you equip the charms