Published on April 06, 2021

Cursed Minecraft Items Add-on!

Have you ever thought Minecraft was a bit too peaceful, a little too normal? Perhaps it should be just a little more cursed? This add-on adds your worst Minecraft nightmares to the game, some will help you, some will harm you, and some are entirely useless.

Created by: AbstractRemix

The aim of this add on is to add a series of cursed items and equipment to either benefit the player, harm them, or just be completely useless.

Item Breakdown -

Apple Ingot Item Line -

Apple Ingot -

Wait a minute, this isn't how you craft golden apples.. acts similarly to golden apples but slightly less powerful.


Golden Apple Ingot - 

Similar to a golden apple but slightly more powerful and the effects last slightly longer.

Enchanted Golden Apple Ingot -

Similar to an enchanted golden apple but the effects are slightly stronger and last slightly longer.

Slime + Magma Cube Snacks -

Slime Snack -

Tastes kind of gross, and I could've sworn I couldn't jump this high before.. (Nausea I 7 secs + Jump boost II 2 minutes)

Magma Cream Snack -

Gives wither II for 2 seconds and fire resistance for 2 minutes.

Fungal Food Items (More to come) -

Fungus Infused Salmon -

Tastes gross, wait a minute, are those gills? (Water breathing 2 minutes, nause IV 5 seconds, hunger IV 5 seconds)

Burnt Diamond Item Line -

Burnt Diamond -

There's no reason to do this, please, don't do this..

Burnt Diamond Sword -

It's not as strong as a regular diamond sword, don't make this item..

Reverse Sword Item Set - 

You don't hold your sword that way.. These swords do less damage than their regular counterparts and are crafted simply by placing the sword with no other ingredients in any crafting table or inventory slot.

Example - 

Showcase - 

Did I actually put the items in the item frames or did I just put the regular swords in and flip them.. you'll never know.. 

Other stuff -

Important: This add-on requires experimental features to function, please ensure you enable both 'Additional Modding Capabilities' AND 'Holiday Creator Features'

You are allowed to: 

Modify this addon for personal use 

Use this addon in any videos you wish with the link to the MCPEDL page featured somewhere.

You are not allowed to:

Provide download links other than the one featured at the bottom of this page

Modify and re-release this add-on

Claim this add-on as your own

NOTE: Durability for custom items is currently broken so the tools in this add-on will not lose durability, this will be fixed for the add-on whenever it is fixed by Minecraft

Thanks for downloading the add-on! Feel free to leave a comment with any bug reports or ideas for future updates and a rating, it's greatly appreciated!

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Hey dude I made a showcase video for this addons also don't worry 😉 I said that you are the creator of this addons and put the link of this page in my video description. I just want to see if you want to see my video here is my channel name ( Yanter Creator ) just want to know what do you think of the video if you don't mind. 😀😀😁😁😇😇😎😎👍
I just checked out the video! thanks for the review! It was a great video, everything was explained well and you covered every item :)
I'd love apple ingot blocks lol. Fun addon