Published on September 08, 2019 (Updated on February 05, 2020)

Cursed Minecraft Texture Pack

This resource pack shuffles the textures of all the items and blocks in the game making it more difficult to know which block is what. This pack is great to troll your friends with.

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+ Reshuffled all texture files

+ Added textures from 1.14


Supported Minecraft versions


Installation Guides

link is https ://www .mediafire. com/file/ 25puu60 quglicce/ Cursed .mcpack/ file (no spaces)
I just have minecraft pe 1.16
Just link the MediaFire page. Ad fly doesn't work correctly. You click skip ad, wait 15-30 seconds than it just kicks you back to this page.
This took me to and I couldn't do anything on it. It also showed me one of the most inappropriate ads I've seen in my life.
You're supposed to skip
yeah you are supposed skip and deny/block all notification then it will take you to
Oh look! A diamond tree! Oh its just oak
Whoa just what i wanted
O h m a g o d I have not played it but I-I- REEE
Whenever you see "SKIP AD "after going to the download link on MCPEDL click on that button and then just wait for MediaFire to appear. And when you see the download button click on it. When something slides up from the bottom of your device click the ^ and click "Open". Tell me if you don't understand the explanation.
When you do that it just kicks you back to this exact page. Doesn't send you to MediaFire
yo how do you make your own texture pack can you help me
Read through this website. It tells you how:
Finally another cursed texture.
Thank you so much I’ve been looking everywhere for one of these!