Published on November 11, 2019 (Updated on November 11, 2019)

Custom Armor Addon

This addon adds 5 new custom armor to your game in 1.13 Minecraft bedrock edition using health boost as the armor rating instead this method uses attachments a new feature in the latest Minecraft update.


Supported Minecraft versions

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If you don't mind telling me, what software/program did you use to make the customized armors?
does the armor have any armor bars
Você podia adicionar efeitos específicos de cada armadura como resistência e de fogo na obsidian, velocidade pro gelo, respiração pra prismarinho, e pulo para o quartzo mas todos com resistência, porém a obsidian com maior resistencia
U cant accually craft it
It keeps on failing to import :[
emmm i guess its ok but uhh since character creator i have a smaller avatar but when i use it , the armor placement is random because my avatar is too small . doesnt affect the behavior packs tho so i guess thats cool
Its good, but zdo more armours and tools
(idk if this is a repeat of the same msg so sorry) this addon is really good but can you try to make it so we can combine it with more ores mod or weapons mod, its understandable if not.
hey ik this addon is new and all but can you try to make it so that I can combine it with a weapons mod, its understandable if not
how did you get that 3D skin?
yep that's what I wanna say too.
Well done on these armors man. The only improvements I can think of for this would be to replace the Ice armor with Ruby. (There are community resources like this that might help
Stopped working now my character just eats the item also the function and texture still works I just have to manually put it on I have no other mods and am in experimental gameplay with cheats on and in 1.13 on ios please help