Published on February 13, 2019 (Updated on February 13, 2019)

Custom Crafting Recipes MCPE

There are many items in the game that should have a Crafting recipe, but don't. Here are some of my ideas for recipes. This world has had many updates,  more to come in the future.

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Very good, but wanna ask smthing.
How did you code these custom recipes?

(if my English is cringe, sorry.)
Hey bro, how do you craft the things?
Hey, can you make a world (Scramble Craft) where ever recipe is messed up and different? I’ll be waiting for a response:)
Sorry for the late reply, that is a good idea I could try to look at in the future.
Bro Please Put Here Dirt Recipe with 4 Lapis
I like it! Maybe add a spawn egg recipe!
Good idea! I won't make all of the spawn eggs because the world will be laggy, but the mains like creeper, zombie etc.
I like it! Maybe add spawn eggs!