Published on January 27, 2020 (Updated on January 27, 2020)

Custom Crosshairs

Tired of the regular old Minecraft crosshair? Well, this is for you! This is a collection of custom crosshairs I created to be used in Minecraft. I will be constantly updating this with more and more crosshairs as I get time to make them.

Custom Crosshairs

This pack currently only has 8 custom crosshairs, but I will be continuously updating the pack with more as I get time to make them.

From left to right they are; Big Dot, Bird, Box Cross, Model T, Single Arrow, Small Dot, Triple Arrow, and Tri Point.

These are the names I used for each of the crosshair styles, so be sure to select the right one.

This pack should work with other packs as longs as they don't change the GUI at all. This pack specifically changes the icons.png file, so as long as that file stays untouched it should work.

Since this is a work in progress, let me know if there is anything you would like to see added.

NOTE: This pack uses subpacks. If you don't know what those are, they allow us to create options within a single texture pack instead of having to make a pack for each individual thing. Unfortunately, THEY ARE EXTREMELY BUGGY! In order to switch between subpacks please follow the instructions down below.

1. Activate the pack and choose the subpack you would like to use and exit the settings menu.

2. Go back into the settings menu and deactivate the pack*, then leave the settings menu again.

3. Go back into the settings menu one more time and reactivate the pack. Select the subpack you would like to use one more time and leave the settings menu.

And DONE! If it doesn't work back out of your game and try these steps one more time. I have tested this over and over again, and this is the most reliable method for changing subpacks. So, unfortunately, we are stuck with this until Minecraft fixes this issue.

*Make sure the subpack you would like to use is still selected.

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Dear author, if you haven't forgotten about this resource pack, please update the link to permanent and make the same rp, only for the moving circle!
please developer update the link
Please update the link
Guest-4051062869 May 11, 2020 at 9:11 am
Can u make a mc.pack version of it?it is still a zip
The best custom crosshairs I ever see, I like the T crosshair
Can you make on each individuals crosshair separate packs because its hard to put it on realms
I can make if Ohrumon give me permission to make separate packs from main pack
Any new link? is stuck on browser verification
thanks i need this
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