Custom Death Entities Animation 1.0.7 New HUD

Are you bored with Minecraft death Animation?

Let me introduce you my new addon:

“Custom Death Entities Animation”.

This addon adds new animations when the Animals, Mobs or Monsters killed by player.

This addon make the death animation when you kill all Animals, Mobs or Monster looks funny.

Maybe the animation not looks really cool like all Animation Addons that have been created by another Addon Creator before.

But at least, this addon looks cool and realistic in other way.

Video Preview


All Animals Death Animation are same, except the Fish. But i will add the death fish animation in future update.


Blood will spawned when All Animals and few Monsters is killed by player. Maybe for some people it looks disgusting. But this make the Animation looks Realistic.


The Ghost whill spawned when All Animals killed by player. Dont worry, they will not attacking you or haunting you. Because they will fly into the sky dirrectly.

With Angle Halo on their Head, they will looks cute whey they died.


Im not adding custom death animation for all Mobs or Monsters in version.

All Zombie and Husk will entering hell when they got killed by player

The Skeleton and Skeleton Wither Death Animation Are same in this version. I will give different death animation in future update.

Creeper have simple unique Death Animation but.. they are still exploded when they died. 

Pillager have Humanoid Death Animation. I have no words to explain it, why you dont try to download this addon and enjoying this addon by yourself?

UPDATE 1.0.1

Whats new in this version?

Add custom death for Ravager..

Add custom death for Spider and Cave Spider

UPDATE 1.0.2

Video Preview 1.0.2

Whats new in this version?

Change Death Animation of Zombie with the new Humanoid Death Animation ( Only Zombie, not Husk)

Add Death Animation for Zombie Pigman

UPDATE 1.0.3

Add Random Humanoid Custom Death Animation for villager.

They have random poses if get killed by player.

Only 2 random poses available for now.

UPDATE 1.0.4

Theres nothing Special in this update.
  • I just added Evoker and Vindicator Death Animation to the addon.
  • And Update the GUI with my special Theme

Evoker Death Animation

Vindicator Death Animation

UPDATE 1.0.7

Small update by changing the HUD too boost your gameplay more fun..

Add Health Bar for all mobs and animals who have custom death animation.

Customized the Health Player Bar into Heart Rate Bar..

UPDATE 1.0.8

In this version .. i’ve reformated the code for the addon since this addon incompatible with the new minecraft version and new beta version.

And also ive added some feature to the addon.

Animals Death Bodies

Now the animals will spawn Ghost and dead body when they died.

And for some reason i must removing the bloods.


  • Make sure to Activate the “Experimental Gameplay” option in map setting.
  • Make sure the Resource Pack and Behavior Pack is installed correctly before telling me all Bugs in this addon.


  • *You’re not allowed to share and distribute this addon to another website
  • *You’re allowed to share this addon On Video platform like YouTube with backlink to:

This Addon Page on MCPEDL

My Youtube Profile (Team Tolol)

  • *You’re not allowed to Modify this addon and share it without my permission

Changelog View more

Add Custom Death for Ravager

Add Custom Death For Spider and Cave Spider

Fix Delay animation for some Mobs / Monster

- Add new Death Animation for Zombie

- Add Death Anjmation for Zombie Pigman

- Player get exp for killing all Animals, Mobs, Monster

- Fix Crashed when kill animal ghost

- Fix Crashed when blood burned with fire

- Fix Skeleton and Whiter Skeleton bleeding

- Fix Halo Angle not fit with the animals

- Fix Creeper not Exploding

- Fix Creamy Llama not turning into ghost when killed

- Add custom death animation for villagers

- Add sound when villagers get killed by players

- Fix Mcaddon that failed importing the packs

- Add Evoker Death Animation

- Add Vindicator Death Animation

- Update GUI with Happy Family Addon Theme

- Small bug fix with dead bodies Look at player behavior

Link download updated since my website changed. Im really sorry for this.

- Add Health Bar for All Mobs and Animals who have Custom Death Animation

- Customized Health Bar for Player

  • Add Animal Death Bodies
  • Remove Blood from Animals when died


Follow this step if you download McAddon/McPack

  • Install the Addon by clicking or tap the file
  • Select mine craft
  • Wait till the Resources pack and the behavior pack installed


Supported Minecraft versions

1.13 1.14

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Installation Guides

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235 Responses

3.86 / 5 (116 votes)
  1. soysauce_ says:

    This is good, but can you add a player death animation as well?
    (it can be the same as the villager one)

  2. GreepyPH says:

    Here guys i fixed the Behavior packs.
    Behavior and resources pack uuid is same so i changed the uuid

    Heres the link
    https ://

    Remove the space next to https

    Sorry for my bad grammar

  3. ILikeRustySpoons says:


  4. nwnwpncab says:

    I can’t import the resource pack it says i already have it when i don’t please fix this

  5. nwnwpncab says:

    When i try to install one of the packs it says i have a duplicate when i don’t

  6. Guest-5727344346 says:

    Can you add the death animations for piglin, zombified piglin, hoglin, zoglin, piglin brute and strider please? Also fix that when trying to put the behavior pack after the resource pack has been put, it says duplicate pack detected please?

  7. Guest-4874095194 says:

    can you make a video tutorial on how to download?

  8. Guest-6949011921 says:

    The beahivor pack keeps failing the be put into minecraft

  9. Guest-8107065261 says:

    This is cool but when I tried to kill a mob nothing happens

  10. Guest-4689050641 says:

    It says the resource pack it’s duplicated

  11. Guest-9457983028 says:

    I wanted the blood

  12. Guest-3921206385 says:

    can you make it media fire link it looks amazing

  13. Guest-6245536617 says:

    Dude this is so complicated “u need rename? And rename “name” i can understand pls, the grammar

  14. Guest-5152664850 says:

    Hi. Your download Isnt working because when I downloaded resource pack it says Duplicated pack detected. i check all my resource packs and there is no duplicated pack. I swear I downloaded once..on the resource pack. Please fix your download if you are reading this, and other people saying it too.

  15. Guest-9348263568 says:

    It sends me to a shady website can I just have the direct download link.

  16. Guest-9828364380 says:

    Change the Creeper, because it is very difficult to find powder

  17. Guest-2411732418 says:

    F you Dis is stupid it would be cool if it WAS NOT blocked thank you bye bich

  18. GothicQueen2020 says:

    Can you please fix the download link. The resource pack download says what it should but when i go into game and the download finishes, it says that there was a duplicate pack detected. I look at the storage for my addons in the game and i don’t find the resource but i find the behavior. I downloaded the behavior first so this told me that the resource is also the behavior. Can you please fix this? Also, please add in death animations for the rest of the mobs.

  19. Kev The Purple Fox says:

    There is no behavior pack. The resource link sends me to the resource and the behavior sends me to the resource.

  20. Gayrams2006 says:

    U stole from Distant XM’s add-on u fool.

  21. Plis says:

    Hello, could you help me? When I export the packs it says “duplicate error” what can I do?

  22. Jason says:

    Because maybe the names are similiar or something you should put “Resource pack” or “Behavior pack” at the end, MCPE regconzies that both pack has the same name and says it’s a duplicate, I cannot get the resource pack if I have the behavior pack, or the other way around, Making it very difficult to install.

  23. Anonymous says:

    I know that this is a good addon, due to previous versions, although with this update you cannot download it, the “download link” brings you to a website with the same information and more ads, with no download link

  24. Miles says:

    Great Add-On. But When I Downloaded It, It Said That I Already Had One. But I Didin’t.

  25. Cristian says:

    Please fix the links, it takes me to a weird website.

  26. HazmiRasid says:

    can you just remove the creeper and animal angel? they just doesn’t look right and its very unsettling seeing that creeper saying ”boom” with a realistic floating text. will you just remove the ”boom” text thing please. no offence but it look so ugly. i really like the ravager one tho.

  27. ItalianMiner92 says:

    This mod, as cool as it is, it prevents me to tame animals and creepers to explode near me

  28. Anoumonous says:

    So you try to earn double double money by sending us to a website that pays you money and then to ad fly which also pays u money, nice add on though

  29. GripssPlayz says:

    Why so graphic? Why make his head fall off?
    (And dont say realism)

  30. Anonymous says:

    This is just a great addon

  31. akbarIndo47 says:

    Napa nama lu team tolol dah tapi bagus add-on nya😂

  32. ADMIN DANAR says:

    What is that website is available? I can’t download it

  33. ChickenBoy says:

    Please fix the download, it sends me to a random indonesian website lol

  34. Yusuf says:

    How do u make theese thing can say app plz

  35. Wkwkwkkw says:

    Feels like the addon maker is Indonesian and has a bad grammar. Nice addon tho

  36. Arya says:

    Can you made a version that the creeper wont explode when they died

  37. Arya says:

    Is this compatable with a resourse pack?

  38. sub2popular387 says:

    THe cow gets different….

  39. Mikail2009 says:

    I think you mistook the difference between an evoker and a vindicator. The evoker wears a black robe while the vindicator wears a grey top and holds an axe.

  40. Behavior tester says:

    Lol managed to break the system 2 times in my first hour of this
    On creative it’s possible to make dead zombies fall out of the world and Minecraft will crash of done multiple times

    Second thing is that it’s still possible to kill animals ghost and if killed the game crash

    I managed to kill a chicken by throwing flaming eggs at it
    If u didn’t know if a snowball or egg flys in lava it goes in flames and deals damage

    And if an animal is killed by it the ghost will remain still until it despawns

    Or the animal can run into lava and die witch makes the ghost freeze too and if the ghost is killed it will drop a hallow but at the same time the game crashes


  41. Yolgrim says:


  42. Cash says:

    Can’t breed animals with this on, breaks the farming system. Great mod, just need that fix please.

  43. oakleaf15 says:

    Love the addon! thank you so much!! and I would love a player animation 😉

  44. stupidkid says:


  45. SwissJewely3 says:

    You should make a separate addon/resource pack that only adds player death animations

  46. ElderWizardGaming says:

    it sucks that you have to subscribe in order to download i would sugest to subscribe then unsub after download lol i was going to do a tutorial on this too XD

  47. Mohammed says:

    Notch is the oringal maker of minecraft

  48. stupidkid says:

    how to crash your game 101

  49. VTNTM says:

    It crashes the game.

  50. Ur Biggest Fan says:

    Can you make custom dead for iron Golem 😁

  51. playbyan1453 says:

    Many lags even on flat world

  52. Hmm says:

    By Team “TOLOL”

  53. Anonymous says:

    Nice but when I kill the death animation mob my game crashes plz fix

  54. Creeper aww man says:

    Hey man. I really like this addon. I like the concept of having custom death animations to mobs and animals. Though there is one problem. When I try to feed animals or tame cats or wolves, the option won’t show up and I can’t feed them. Can you please fix this?

  55. Anonymous says:

    Hey man. I love the addon. It is a cool concept to add custom death animations to mobs and animals. Though there is something that is wrong with it. When I try to tame or feed animals, it won’t let me. Can you please fix it? I would greatly appreciate it.

  56. Anonymous says:

    I love this addon 100000/100000 or more because this is just awesome!! I have one suggestion, Can you please make a death animation for the player? I would love to use it on my worlds. Also I really love this addon a lot it’s the best death animation addon I’ve ever had! Thanks for making this!!

  57. Barthonamuel says:

    Wow this looks really good

  58. GalaxyKitten_MLG says:

    Hey, is this for android? Because it’s not working when I try to install this add-on. But still, the death animations look cool.

  59. CyberKing says:

    Can u add death animations for wolf and cats? Make the wolf lie down on the ground when dead. And its eyes are closed. So this make players feel guilty to kill a wolf. Plz add in the next update!

  60. says:

    I really like it! SOOO COOL!

  61. Annonymous says:

    Hi I really enjoyed the addon. But is it possible to make custom death animations,
    on players, if so that would be cool!

  62. Anonymous says:

    “I really liked it but pls change the creeper so that he wont explode after death, and the halo in passive mobs get left in the ground”

  63. KeysForTheBees says:

    Crashes every time i kill a pillager. Good mod tho

  64. Ok says:

    How do u have foxes

  65. Anonymous says:

    i keep on crashing can u help

  66. Kacinko says:

    Hacer un enlace de mediafire para descargar

  67. Not Markus Persson says:

    Can you add a version without blood?

  68. Cristian says:

    Hi, man i found a bug its the cow he appears upside down and the sheep appears only white and without wool

  69. Safwan says:

    Mr.Creator is this survival friendly or may i ask can i use this in my survival world

  70. bbb says:

    plz make ghast have animation like this:the ghasts eyes open,then a sword hits the eyes then its mouth opens up and its body opens,smoke and blood comes out then it explode.

  71. Anonymous says:

    This is great but can you make it that they don’t move it didn’t do this last time

  72. I want foxes says:


  73. Moron says:

    why your name must be a moron team

  74. CrisppyKIDD says:

    This good

  75. Greg says:

    Make a mediafire link for download

  76. Max Dubz says:

    When I killed a baby zombie it turns into am adult zombie and went to the ground

    • YeskyTan2 says:

      I wont make any ghost or dead body from baby animals/mobs/monsters.
      thats why they will turn into adult ghost/ adult dead bodies.

      kill a babies means you are a monster, right?
      Haha 🙂

      • CrisppyKIDD says:

        My Ideas
        Villagers:When get they killed the fall over with a stab wound in there chest and there eyes are close.
        Irom golems:Whem they die there body parts like falls apart.
        Witch’s:There hat will fall off and there will be blood on there head.
        Enderman:When killed there will be purple blood and cuts on there body and eyes will be white.

    • CrisppyKIDD says:

      My Ideas
      Villagers:When get they killed the fall over with a stab wound in there chest and there eyes are close.
      Irom golems:Whem they die there body parts like falls apart.
      Witch’s:There hat will fall off and there will be blood on there head.
      Enderman:When killed there will be purple blood and cuts on there body and eyes will be white.

  77. Deasktop says:

    Good add-on! Exept there is a few things that may need to be adjusted and/or added:

    Firstly, why is the dead ravager still moving?

    Secondly, dead fishes should (if they are to be added) float on top of water

    Thirdly, the creeper death animation messes the fun. Try to make it like the pillager’s death animation

    Fourthly, why does zombies variants all goes to hell if there is nothing under the bedrock?

  78. John Doe says:

    they don’t drop xp

  79. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Here are some death animations I want: blazes rods and head will fall to the floor and the smoke will vanish. Slimes, magma cubes, and vexes will dissolve. Evokers will be devoured by a giant evocation fang. Vindicators will have the same death animation as pillagers. Endermen will be in their angered state and look around as end particles consume them. Endermites will teleport when dead. Shulkers head will fall into the bottom of the box and the top box falls onto the bottom box. Ender monsters don’t have blood because any form of liquid harms them. Snow golems death animation will be all the coal, snow, and sticks will fall down. Phantoms will be as black as night and the eyes won’t glow. Their skin will burn off and then their bones will dissolve. Iron golems will fall slumped down and their eyes won’t glow. Witchs will explode. Skeleton horses and strays will have similar animations to skeletons.

  80. ????? says:

    Can you change
    1.creeper animation because it is look weird and not realistic
    2.can you make the skeleton dont have blood when they dead it weird
    Thank you
    Your pack is awesome
    (Bad english)

  81. Exo says:

    Please make a version without creeper explosion while killing

  82. Cheese says:

    I love how you just didn’t kill the baby animals XD great addd on tho it’s really nice keep up the good work

  83. Cheese says:

    I love how you just didn’t kill the baby animals XD great addd on tho it’s really Nice

  84. Fastest oof in the west says:

    Good addon, but when I accidentally kill the ghosts of the dead animals, it crashes my game. Pls fix.

  85. A Random Peer says:

    Hey i have one small suggestion,
    Why not give all mobs the blood on death animation?
    And also give the player blood too!
    BTW this is one good addon! Thx for making this!

  86. Redstone Hamster says:

    Could you have the Guardians Shoot their spines

  87. A random comment says:

    Do I need to download the first download is what I meant earlier in my comment or can I just download the resource pack instead and does the first one go with recourse packs?

  88. A random comment says:

    How do I need to install the animation one Andy if I do need to what file do I put it in in file explorer on Minecraft the behaviour pack one or a different one please answer.

  89. Squirrellover says:

    With this Addon creepers don’t explode please fix it

  90. yeetusthefetus says:

    If you kill the ghost of a mob your game will crash. at least for me.

  91. Anti-Virus Security says:

    Ok this is just a Silly Suggestion is to Add Kof(King Of Fighters) Just Add Some Characters..(Like. Kim,Iori,Athena) That’s just my Suggestion oh yea i leave the 5/5 rate it works perfectly in 1.12

  92. UnfinishedMarie says:

    Hello i think that this addon is really really cool and i kinda wanted to keep playing with it but the problem is that whenever you kill a mob they dont give you any experience and i wanted to know if there is any way to fix this please or will you make it so that they drop experience too?

  93. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    Don’t you dare comment saying Terrible things about me!!! Here are some suggestions: the skeletons don’t have blood make them the only type of mob that doesn’t have blood. Spiders will have blue blood instead of red. When the bodies of them accidentally die(lava or suffocation) they crash my game!!! The spirits of the animals can phase through blocks like vexes.

  94. BombErik says:

    Very cool! but could you change the creeper animation so that he dies something similar to the pillagers? (and doesn’t explode)

  95. That ravager death animation has to be the saddest, IMO.

  96. MurderDanarX says:

    This is looks but I HAVE BEST CHEAT TO GET THE ADD-ON IS GET ADD-ON WITHOUT SUBSCRIBE ON IOS First When These Subscribe Buttons Will Show First Click The Subscribe Forget subscribing then go back to subscribe button Click Other With The Same Ways To Gey addon i didn’t subscribe then i GOT IT HAHAHAHAHA😂😂😂

  97. Floshox says:

    I really love this addon for the death animation with corpses, some blood drops… but I don’t like very much the “go to the paradise” animation, because seeing flying Mobs in levitation can be a little weird 😂 So I can suggest you to realize a version without this levitation animation, but it’s if you want 😁

  98. oakleaf15 says:

    Can you make the same death animation for the pillager, but for the player please?? I love the death animations, I have bean looking for one for a long time, and I finally found a great one. thank you. but if the player had the pillager death animation it would be even better!

  99. Random says:

    Absolutely amazing, if you can pls Ender dragon and wither (not to be ungrateful or anything)👍🏻

  100. Your Mother says:

    PLEASE UPDATE THIS SOON! But dont make zombie, husk, just sink down. Make them lie down. Just lie down, while dead.

  101. WhatsUpDanger says:

    Can you speed-up the death animations for the mobs that fall apart when they die (Skeletons, Wither Skelly’s, pillager, etc.). So that they hit the ground faster, it feels like gravity doesn’t effect them properly.

  102. ReyRex233 says:

    Hello, I really like the animations of the deaths but I want to replicate a bug and that is that when some mob passed like animals when they died in flames, it does not make the animation that rises and throws stars rather its halma stays there and you have to hit it to that goes fencing

  103. Anonymous says:

    Dose this give you a virus when you install

  104. Everlasting_Luck says:

    If I kill the ghost my game crashes

  105. Greg says:

    Please make zombies die like the skeletons do or like the pillagers do

  106. Anonymous says:

    Can you make it so the zombies don’t sink down. Just make them bleed so it will look cool for a zombie map

  107. Joell says:

    Please make it media fire

  108. owen says:

    the creeper blowing up anyway ruins the whole thing

  109. Anonymous says:

    would use it but the creeper blowing up anyway ruins it

  110. DoctorTank98 says:

    Creepers don’t explode when near you for some reason, but the addon is great!

  111. Bapak Steve says:

    You indonesia ???

  112. Legends never die says:

    Do ender dragon death animation and wither boss death..thanks

  113. SolarLolbit says:

    I’m sorry but “Tolol” in Indonesia means Idiotic

  114. Albert Wazowski says:


  115. Your not cool ok says:

    youre not cool lmao

  116. Crimson says:

    I’m gonna try on xbox

  117. FrostGamerYT1242 says:


  118. Nathan says:

    Nvm I got it

    • 千珞 says:

      Can I record a plugin introduction video on Bilibili? Just to share this plugin with more people, and I will indicate the author, I will only provide the plugin download link on MCPEDL in my video.

  119. Nathan larios says:

    How do I get it?

  120. Hariz Zafran says:

    What about the iron golem when it dies I can split into 4 iron blocks and a carved pumpkin

  121. stupidkid says:

    sooooooo skeletons bleed?

  122. DemonicGamer145 says:

    This is a pretty nice add-on I tested it out on Xbox it works pretty well but unfortunately when you kill the already dead animal when it goes into its Spirit form it freezes and lags out of the game

  123. imnotkryptic says:

    Maybe you should fix what you already have rather than make new addons.. (naruto Addon)

  124. Thecraft says:

    I think the skeletons doesn’t have blood. But I like it very much 👌👌👍🔥🔥

  125. Anonymous says:

    When I kill the animals, it’s just their normal death animation, but without the death particles and no blood or ghosts. Same with the Wither skeletons. Their bones do not get scattered around when you kill them. I do not recommend anyone to use this add on. It’s pretty bad.

  126. ok's brother says:

    If I’m second am I still c00l?

  127. Verak says:

    Ah, you refused to kill the baby cow in the tutorial video.
    A man of culture I see.

  128. DreamCraft says:

    Not ganna lie…
    Your addon is better than our addon XD

  129. 𝒰𝓌𝒰 says:

    I’m so ready to spook people by placing chickens in their houses and seeing their reactions.(。・ω・)ノ゙

  130. YourMum says:

    Second:epic addon bro!

  131. UT2 says:

    This addon is amazing!

  132. Anonymous says:

    How do you install it say sub2 unlock I don’t what a virus

  133. . says:

    I’m not subscribing to get the animation

  134. ok says:

    Nice addon and becuz im first im c00l

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