Published on January 21, 2022 (Updated on June 14, 2022)

Custom Hats Addon (Part 1)

Custom hats addon, this addon was created by markycubes This addon introduces over 50 new items that players can get! Over 25 of the hats are obtainable in survival, you can get them simply by finding the markycubes trader in game, he sells around 25 hats All the other hats that aren't sold can be obtained in creative, reason being I wanted some of the hats the be considered rare. This is my first addon so please leave any suggestions or feedback, and thank you for downloading!!If you experience trouble contact me on discord - Honey Thief#9295 I do not take responsibility for any of the hat textures. I simply made the addons.



Any redistribution,

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is  strictly prohibited. Please do not do so.

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Pack was updated to work on the latest update of the game.


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If you use this on your realm or world send me the code or invite me! - markycubes