Published on May 26, 2021

Custom Size Quarry

Custom Size Quarry is an addon that adds quarry that can be customized in size and with some upgrades that can be added to the quarry it self (only 1 upgrade type can be added)

This addon add a quarry and some upgrade to the game.

1.Quarry Control

  • This is the base and first corner of a quarry, once you place this, it will show tou the direction the other corner can be place. if you break it and it give you the no hopper(not glowing one) version just put put hopper to it using crafting table or inventory.
  • recipe


  • This item use for breaking the quarry and the upgrade.
  • recipe

3.Quarry Finder

  • use to search your quarry if you lose it(only if the quarry has been placed).
  • recipe(shapeless)


  • upgrade come in 4 type(from left to right): increase drop rate, change ore to ingot, change ingot to ore, speed up.
  • recipes

video about the addon:

Note : This addon requires "Holiday Creator Features" to work


mcaddon : open it then chose minecraft.

zip : unzip it > copy or cut "quary rp" to "games/com.mojang/resource_pack" > copy or cut "quary bp" to "games/com.mojang/bahevior_pack".


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3 / 5 (2 votes)
Please make it to where it's like the AdvancedFactory Addon please. That version is better, but unfortunately it's not expandable like this version.
Update plz for plz
Nice Addon!
Looks good except instead of a nether star could it be a comparator or something? Also textures are extremely disappointing
I tried the mod before and it worked but now it doesn't even show the particles
damn things here to craft are expensive man relax!