Published on September 03, 2021 (Updated on September 02, 2021)

Custom Sky Islands! [Achievements ON!]

Survive on massive floating islands in the sky! Fight, explore, and gather and grow resources as the sky islands dont have much! It is an interesting world made for custom builds and a survival challenge with friends!

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I changed the link, now it is only at Discover Articles. Sorry, it was my first time using Linkvertise, did not know what was allowed and not, thanks for letting me know!!


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Does it work on Bedrock or Java or Both?
Hey, thanks for the answer - answering on my own map was actually a pretty nice idea to make sure I get the response.
I actually discarded the idea, so sadly I won't use any of your maps for an adventure map. Besides this I like your custom terrains a lot!
That’s fair!! My bad on the hella late response, I kind of took a hiatus lol, glad you enjoy my maps tho!! Yours are absolutely stunning!!