Cute Mob Models Addon (Official Bedrock Port)

Ever wanted Minecraft mobs to look like anime girls? Today is now your day, This add-on transforms every creature (except Fireflies in The Wild Update) from Minecraft to anime girls from Cute Mob Models/Mob Talker Series.

Ported by: LugiaGamerYT since late 2017 and released in 2019

Modeling Crew: Yarrmateys (Original Models), Minedoll, Rokuyon Shirotamaya, Kyubi, Kayasa, Emmie and Myself.

Other Modelers: It's me Siri, and Phelip.

Design Crew: AT2, Rokuyon Shirotamaya, Kyubi, Mechanical Rabbit, EZPinZee, Kayasa, Emmie and Myself.

Other Designers: QCoolKan, Phelip, RandomRaven, and It's me Siri.

Thumbnail Creator: Shingel42

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10/25/2021 Website Update:

Added new Updated photos of the current update.

Thanks Phelip


1.17.40 Update:

Made some Website Changes in this page.

Fixed: The Skeleton not rendering due to the removal of the male skeleton.

Internal:  Added Copper Golem and a second Geomancer design in the files.

Changed: Hatsune Miku NPC texture and model to match Friday Night Funkin's version of Miku.



October 20th. Changes: Added real links to the Discord Server, to the Curseforge Links, and added supported Minecraft versions to the page.

also replaced the old mcaddon link to a new link for those who can't install the add-on.



1.17.34 Update:

Sorry for the disappearance guys, I had some development with my other add-on and I came back to work on Cute Mobs again.


Horse, Axolotl, Ender Dragon, Mule, Zombie Horse, Skeleton Horse, and Donkey.

Added back the old Vindicator outfit.


Ghast SIster Sounds.

Polar Bear, Creeper, Skeleton, Ravager, Cat, and Pandas.


Villagers and Zombie Villagers for having glitchy hats, so I found a way to fix it.


Supported Minecraft versions

Installation Guides

Can you update this addon for minecraft wild upgrade pls
1.18.12 pls
stop making minecraft mobs into anime girls its disgusting and why are they only girls and no boys thats discriminating
If you think about it it would be even, but then enderdragon is a she not a he and her name is Jene and who would want a cute neko girl around?
Add frog and tadpole and they added in
I wish the skins used for the npc were actual mobs you could spawn too.
It doesn’t work, it says its not a valid zip
Thanks for new mobs. But skelly girl was invisible btw. :v
Real good pack but skeleton is invisible on my minecraft win10
disculpe una duda arreglaron el error del esqueleto que era invisible
Awesome mod, but skeletons don't render at all (they're invisible), also the .mcaddon file doesn't work (only the .zip does)
I think there's a problem with the mcaddon file. I changed the zip to mcaddon and ran it, and it worked well.
This update is not go on Minecraft
It say (invalid zip file)
Even I don't have the older version
Can you fix that pls I really like to see the New dragon model
Can you fix that immediately please