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Published on February 17, 2017 (Updated on March 13, 2017)

Danger Inbound Addon

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The Ender pearls are broken... I like that :)
wat is wit da creepers
When I add this add on to my world when I try to open the World it crashes
I downloaded this behavior pack but every time I tried to open the world it glitches out of minecraft!?
Hi! My 9-year old found this on youtube and really wants to play it. But when I add the files to minecraft and activate them in a world it's still not red. Is it so that it takes a while for the ground to get red or have I done something wrong? Thanks a million!!!
Really awesome work adding an entire new gamemode with all these epic changes, though the crashing issues with witches in particular need patched before I'll put this in my worlds.

Playing a fresh survival world I question whether the size of some of the mobs would cause them to just suffocate in caves and such but this feels like it would make one hell of an adventure map. Somebody get on that!
There is a problem with the eggs and it's that the eggs do damage which is bad for automatic chicken farms since they will be killed by the eggs
Can you make it so that the wither boss makes larger explosive (sorry I have bad English)
- After testing, the only bugs found was the Elytra crashing the game, which was fixed, the only cause I could imagine for anything else crashing is a low-end device.

- 4.0 Will come soon with some small additions, after this, not many features will be added until a new update for MCPE.


- I have currently finished update 1.0 for Danger Inbound - Apocalypse Edition, and plan to release it soon.
-I have a second plan for another great AddOn. Stay tuned on Twitter @RealAlexFirey
Can you do attack on titans mod add on ? That would be super hard but i see you making this mod , it's pretty cool and savage so I trust you can do it . Trust me ! So pls can you make attack on Titans mod , if you don't know it , you can watch that anime
....Nothing at all...I died 100,000,000,000 Times
Mr.Superawesomejackfrost March 13, 2017 at 11:03 am
It keeps crashing my game when ever I spawn a slime
Also there is a bug were being never a creeper spawned crashes the game.
I'm making a overwatch add-on who wants it
Yeah man! Go for it!