Published on October 22, 2020 (Updated on October 22, 2020)

Dangerous Animals

Dangerous Animals is an addon in which passive animals can attack you.  List of dangerous animals there are 3 of them but powerful: Pig, Cow and Chicken. Good Luck! It's very hard to make a survival!

The pig can shoot fireballs and can run very fast when it has found a target.

The cow can shoot arrows when it has found a target.

The hen can shoot fireballs, can go very fast when it has found a target and has 100 life points.

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Hello, I think that in this submission it was accurate?


Available on v1.16
1. Download the file
2. Open the file with Minecraft
3. Creates a new world
4. Activate Addons
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  • AnimauxDangereux.mcaddon

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