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Published on April 28, 2017 (Updated on June 05, 2018)

DanTDM's Lab (Infinite World) [Creation]

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yo i loved this lab and the old one!

i watched a lot of Dan's vids mostly his custom mod vids from 2015
i watched them after 2015 tho cuz i didnt really watch any Youtube back then

i downloaded this world a long time ago and it was epic :)
lets go this is epic!1!!1111!!!11111!!
5 stars thats sick
Please can some one make the world to a direct download
I guess this Dan tdm's 2 lad right?
The Coordinates Of The Easter Egg Are 35 65 37
Where is the Easter egg ????
It’s only grass tho, you mean the enchantment table beside it?
Very good map
Can you make DanTDM 's old lab from 2014
Can you make spider-man into the spider-verse skin pack? I'd love it! Also don't make it like other crapy skin packs please. Thank you.
I’m more of a stampy guy myself
Then why did you make a comment/feedback here? You could've make a U-turn and move instead of going forward.
Why the need to rate it one star? You could have just left instead of being a d*ckwad here you know.
Very incomplete and random pieces of bushes and trees missing
You stupid little kid. SHUT UP! Do you even know how hard it is to make these things?! I wanna see YOU try you noob!
Hes not the one going around screaming at other people tho shut up.
Trial Minecraft Guy December 07, 2018 at 8:02 pm
I got the trial, so can you make my download survival?
(real name) mateo
All you need is to download MC Tool Chest. When you done that, select this world and change gametype to 0. Make sure commands and stuff are enabled or else it will give you a trial world.
Guest-7431977316 May 02, 2020 at 8:37 am
Very good stuff i know this is very hard to make so this map is amazing
I kinda just filled the lower chambers with demogorgons and I let my friends visit. Something bad happens, the lab goes on lockdown, the Demogorgons get out, and my friends try to survive. They usually die. But, uh, great map!!!
Can you do a build of Think's Lab next? I loved this one. :D