Published on July 07, 2021

DarkAge Bizarre Addon

More difficult nights, difficult bosses, structures with very good loot, super-powerful items and mobs that will help you in your adventure all that in the complement that you will see now.




A group of people who live in camps that are frequently generated and who have different weapons and who trade things from you and if you try to steal them they attack you without mercy, they can also be hired if you trade frequently with them.

In a next update its behavior will be changed.

Stinky Medical:

A doctor who lives locked up in a dirty house and who likes to read constantly, will sell you several things including the stinky mask that gives night vision and the syringe with suspicious blood which he left to you to guess who you have to give it. Its structure appears frequently in forests


An owl that can help you a lot with your adventures, is domesticated with all kinds of meat except rotten, the owl will climb on your shoulder and will help you to drive away ghost-type mobs which can help you a lot.

Panda Jade:

A panda that protects a structure, which are two that are generated in the jungle and one of them appears very rare and contains very good loot, the panda has several attacks which the damage varies.





The plague is a very strong boss, its damage is enormous, when it appears it has two companions that are two plague wolves that will help it in its hunt, the plague attacks all living beings in the world, sacks towns with great ease, destroys everything that you have at your fingertips. Step, if it is day it does it at night, it regenerates when it kills a mob, it is only a mob that brings tragedies to your world so I recommend you kill it as soon as you invoke it. When you kill him, he gives you the sword of the plague and the head of the plague and rotten flesh and bones.

Unbound Elemental:

The unbound elemental is a very powerful mob, its projectiles leave craters that look as if an asteroid fell there, it summons unboneds that help it in its slaughter, it appears asleep in a structure that appears in the forest and if you hit it it will wake up and It will begin its attack and absorb the fire and lava. When it dies, it drops unbound crystal, unbound orb, netherite and bones.


The nagars appears with 5 aggressive bees next to a tree that is generated by the forests, it has enemies to the unbound, plague and the player, it has several attacks which one of them invokes flowers that in a while become minions of nagars That will help him, also when he has little life he will take out some shoots from the ground that will give regeneration 2 to the nagars so you have to kill him quickly. When he dies he drops nagar wood and nagar heart that serve for an important crafting.

They do not have a boss bar at the moment because they plan to make a personalized one in the future.


Stinky mask: 

It is achieved by buying it from stinky medical, when you put it on it gives you night vision.

Plague Head:

It only serves as decoration and is obtained from the Plague.

Plague Sword:

Deals 10 damage, can be enchanted, and is obtained from the Plague.

Unbound Staff:

It is a very powerful staff, it shoots Unbound projectiles and if you crouch and press, unboneds will come out that will attack all mobs except the player and follow you if you have the staff in hand. It is crafted as follows:

Materials: unbound orb, unbound crystal and nagars wood.

Human Flesh:

It is achieved by killing the mercenary, if you eat it raw it will give you many negative effects, it can be cooked in an oven, smoker and campfire that cooked will give you nausea and more nutrition.

Jade Ingot And Jade Armor:

The jade ingot is manufactured as follows:

Materials: Jade Shard (available in Jade Panda and Panda structures) and Gold.

With the jade ingot the jade armor is made and its crafts are the following:

The appearance of the armor is as follows:

and it can be enchanted also the armor is good and you are immune to recoil but it gives you slow 2 because of how heavy it is.

Nagars machinery:

The mercenary nagars is an item mob that is made in the following way and where the nagar's heart is dealt with:

This machine is very useful, its storage space is incredible and its jump more, this mob serves for trips in your world so I would recommend it.

More functions will be added in future updates.

Any bug report it in the thunder studios discord server to solve them as quickly as possible and here I leave the creators and videos with more information:

Server discord:

GentrixGP (modeler and texturizer):

 Petergamer XD (encoder): 

LinkGG (modeler and encoder): 

EstebanYT (encoder): 

Salmule Fish (entertainer): A stranger 

Facunau (creator of the structures): A stranger 

Logo creator: Rporotos: 

(Makes logos for very good addons, I recommend them)

The structures can be generated a little bad because it is the first time that I work on that so they will be better done next time.

Forbidden to use the addon models.




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I hate you, why don't you update this it doesn't work
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N: 19.746362
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ISP: UCom Un...
Can you fix the bugs?
can you fix the bug that make pillagers stop moving after they loaded their crossbows
when will this be updated? its a cool mod but it doesn’t work it will freeze my world and the world won’t generate anymore
can you update the fish's undead rising addon please
any chance of having the weird faceless armored zombie guys only spawning at night?
after the 1.17.30 update I can't spawn in the nagars machinery, I've been enjoying this a lot I hope there's a fix soon
pls make Alex mobs mod I would love to see that there ares 50 mobs
everything is working well but I can't craft the nagar machine because the nagar doesn't drop a heart. I tested it in creative and when I give myself the heart, it disappears from my inventory
El addon está increíble: buenas ideas, modelos, animaciones etc, se nota el trabajo. Lo único que he tenido un par de problemas, no sé si son bugs o incompatibilidades con otro addon:

- La máscara del Doctor no da visión nocturna
- El búho no se sube al hombro
- Maté un Naga y dropeó la madera pero no el corazón

A pesar de estos problemas, 10/10
Por cierto, se me ha olvidado decir que los fantasmas no dan experiencia.

Un saludo!
Do you know when you'll be able to fix up the structure generation? Some load fine but others load just like a platform, I'm using it with the Ybiomes addon. I love the bosses and mobs this adds
Really good addon i like the bosses and the way they spawn and how everything works is incredible but i wanted to know something i killed nagar and he didnt drop his heart is there a way that i can respawn him or do i have to find a new tree also where do i find the plague boss? All in All one of the best addons ive seen
Hey! Is there a way to change the spawn of wraiths? They spawn in areas that have a good light level and nothing else spawns. Awesome addon!
What is ectoplasm for?