Published on July 26, 2021 (Updated on July 30, 2021)

Darnos 32x PvP Texture Pack

This pack gives every device a MAJOR FPS BOOST! In this pack you have options for 16x, and 32x. There are also hit particles now that are toggleable on and off! This pack works for both Java and Bedrock all with 3.6MB.

Nature + Hotbar




Natural Resources


Ores, Blocks, and Rails


Main Screen


If there are any issues please reply or DM me on twitter ( @Nosity4 ) and I will try my BEST to fix them for you 🙂

DO NOT go into the files and steal/look into anything
YOU MAY make videos on this pack as long as this MCPEDL link is in the description of the video

How To Download: Click on "Download Darnos 32x" and it will take you do Mediafire, form there ONLY click DOWNLOAD in blue

If your on Java and you want to download this pack, visit my website and click "Download" over this pack: My Website

Select version for changelog:


Added Deluxe version that offers
- More togglable skies, 64x Japanese letter hit particles, better golden apple, tools, toggleable Japanese Wool, Better inventory, and a "Version: Deluxe" badge all for ($0.50)
To purchase "Version: Deluxe," DM me on Discord: Nosity#1939   or   Twitter: @Nosity4

Supported Minecraft versions


Installation Guides

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i made my costom pack and in txt file i linked this website is that ok?
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In the disclaimer.txt it clearly states that this pack should not be used as a template, nor should you go into any of the files, especially steal them... You have to buy deluxe to change things within the files ( $0.50 ) and even then you can only use it for your own use, and it should not be shared. I have removed dozens of packs of mine that were stolen, and I wont hesitate to do it again.
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Hi, i really like the pack but the only thing i don't like is the crosshair so I was wondering if it's okay if i can change it.
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yeah you can change it ONLY for yourself and thats the only thing you may change. Also if someone else is reading this, the same goes with you too.
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This looks a lot like Blunos 32x... exactly the same...
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yes, because this is a recolor of blunos 32x just with more creators helping out like Ambient on the hit particles.
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This pack is so good the sky is nice everything is nice.In all my texture packs this is the best.The ores are good too and especially the swords they are great.Bruh the shield is so true
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