Published on April 24, 2014

DayZ Texture Pack [16x16]


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I dunt lik it!
The Texture doesn't work Cause when I Downloaded it and tried it on Minecraft it looked the same
Is this updated for version Reply Please????
Is this update for
This texture pack is horrible it only contains the "image" file but we dont know where or how to place it or something like that....boooorinngggg??
Where is the behavior pack at!?
Would this texture pack work with McPack?
where to put it? the resource packs folder or the behavior packs folder???plz reply
Resource packs folder
Can you please make this a .mcpack for iOS editor?
Make it work for 1.0.3
I love the addon! For 1.0.3! :)
Please update the mod for 0.14.0 :)We will be happy when you do it.
Plz update it cuz then I can do a days rp with desnos gun mod and this texture will give the mosin nagant from day z that I need
Is it updated for 0.14.0
It’s already 1.6.1 now