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Published on March 17, 2017 (Updated on March 17, 2017)

De_Dust (CS:GO) [PvP] (1.0.5 Only!)

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Hello im Sasaki u can call me haise When are u gonna update to 1.12.11 ?? reply pls love the map btw
This map is amazing i played with my brother
This looks like an amazing map. I was so hyped to customize this and make even more detail (if possible). Too bad it wont download. I dont seem to be the only person with this problem.
Please make this map compatible for all 1.1 versions
Why doesn't load? Fix plz
Looks cool but doesn't load
Enderman PE Official June 03, 2017 at 2:14 pm
Lol im know as Vysair now, that is my name when I create this acc which is old
If you want we can change it. I could just delete your current one and recreate it with the new username. A temp password is sent via email and then you can login and change it.
Or Do what i did

More legit ?????
Yeah, I think they mustive messed up the link or something... it's annoying that there not paying any attention to this either, maybe we could tell an editor on a recent addon of map? Cause to be honest I don't think that there's and editor here anymore :( too bad too this looks like one of the best pvp maps...
My lawyers will find you if u don't fix this >:(
Language, please no spam even if you are 'Official' (looks like not XD)
Me too anonymous it happens with all of ours and we NEED it fixed! ....or else...
There is this really weird glitch when I'm trying to get the map but it does not work, plzzz helppp
I cant seem to download files over 1 gig on mediafire... help?
Wow sorry about I didn't think they posted