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Published on March 25, 2018 (Updated on March 25, 2018)

DeadRunner: Classic [Minigame]

DeadRunner is a fun minigame which you can play together with some friends. Most of you will be runners, but one of you will be the zombie. The runners have to quickly find some place to hide and make survive all the way through the night without being found and killed by the zombie. Once the sun rises, the zombie dies and any still living runners will be the winners.

Creator: zZPROGAMERZz423, Twitter Account

How to play?

Press the button in the game lobby to start the minigame. One of you will spawn as a zombie and the rest of the players will be runners. The runners will have 10 seconds to hide before the zombie spawns.

  • Runner: Hide from the zombie!
  • Zombie: Find the runners and kill them before the sun rises!


Installation Guides

If there is some bugs on my map i recommend you to comment it here!
Wazzup dude!!!
Oh yeah! Im so proud of my friend! Hes the one who uploaded that! But..
Message to MCPEDL:
My map has been submitted, but why is it not uploaded on the site!
It may be the download file, or the version of your map or beta that has a problem to play your map or a bad zip file.