Published on April 24, 2020

Death Swap (2 Players Only)

Welcome to Death Swap, a mini-game of trapping your friend! When the game starts, you have 8 minutes to gather resources. Then the swapping will begin! You and your friend will swap places! The goal is to kill your opponent! By United Noobs.

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  • OK, last time I updated, apparently the feature image didn't get changed, so here it is.


  • DeathSwap_1587762158.mcworld
  • Death Swap (.ZIP)

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Try it on computer then it will work
Does this work in 1.16?
you wrote MCBE where you said u got permission from sethbling
Yeah, Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Technically, Mojang has just been calling it Minecraft, although most of us just say MCPE.
Guest-6728637668 May 23, 2020 at 8:35 pm
Excuse me it’s not letting me download can you please help me I’m on mcpe it says import started and the it say level failed to import
Hello, sorry for the late reply, but I unfortunately have no idea why it happens to you... I will soon put an update so maybe this problem will get fixed!
If this happens you can just download the .zip file instead, extract it and copy the deathswap-copie file into Minecraft worlds, I have only ever tried this on windows 10 but it may work on other devices. If you do not know how to get to the Minecraft worlds file you can press Win+r and paste this into the search bar: %LocalAppData%\Packages\Microsoft.MinecraftUWP_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalState\games\com.mojang\minecraftWorlds. Also, when you paste the file into worlds make sure you then close and reopen Minecraft. Hope this solves your problem. :)
Guest-6966541964 May 23, 2020 at 8:33 pm
Excuse me can you help me the map won’t download it says import stared then it said level failed to import
Does this work for latest version mcpe??? Is there directions on how to upload the map.
Yes, it does work on the lastest version of MCPE (1.14.60).
By "how to upload the map", do you mean how to install it to Minecraft? It depends on which device you're on.
On Windows 10, you just have to download the .mcworld file and click on it. It should open Minecraft and import the world.
On Android, it's harder, so I recommend watching a tutorial of how to do that or to install the "Addons for Minecraft PE" ( app and there you will find my map.
Same for iOS. I don't have an iOS device but someone posted my map on this app:
Yo does this work on iPad
Hello, yes, you should be able to play on iPad! This map is for Bedrock Edition so it works on all devices that have MCBE installed!
This is going to be a fun map to play with friends - one question, is it possible to make the time between swaps shorter/longer, and if so, how?
Hello, sorry for the late reply... but yes, you can change the time between swaps! Go in creative mode, go in the "command-cube" and press on the first command block linked to some redstone underneath the glass box (when the game starts, this glass box should have a wolf in it), the command should be:
effect @e[type=wolf,name=tuto] levitation 300 255 true

So if you want to change the time, change the "300" number (it's in seconds)! For example, if you want 3 minutes between swaps, it would be:
effect @e[type=wolf,name=tuto] levitation 180 255 true

I hope you'll understand, because I'm very bad at explaining!
Really cool map you should definitely make more. Me and my friends loved it!
Hello, thank you very much! I will try to do other maps if I do get the motivation :)
Hello, thank you so much for leaving a comment!
I was so excited when my first ever map got uploaded on MCPEDL! I hope you like this map, and I will sure try to make more like this one!
Hey can you make more like this its cool
Woops, I wanted to reply to your comment, but didn't press the correct button x)
So yeah, my reply is the other comment haha
Guest-9304957107 May 16, 2020 at 8:45 pm
Ya thanks for making this me and my freind wanted to find a better death swap and you made THanks!