Published on October 15, 2020 (Updated on October 15, 2020)

Death Swap (Map/Minigame/PvP)

A PvP mode in which the positions of both players are exchanged to facilitate the death of the other, this event occurs every 4 minutes so they have time to find out how to kill the opposing player. Java plugin replica

-Difficulty: Difficult
-Language: Spanish / English
-Multiplayer (2/2)
+ New system to redirect a Host with Lag or bad devices!

 Creator: ElGaboMC 
YouTube: ElGaboMC

Twitter: @ElGaboMC1


Supported Minecraft versions

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Very fun, for one round. Played with my bf and we had a blast, laughing and frantically trying to murder each other (as you do). He won, and we were going to play a rematch, but after one round, when you're teleported back to the starting hub, the no fall damage effect didn't exist anymore. The round started like normal, except we had fall damage when we dropped (the initial round begins with no fall damage for a few seconds, so you can drop anywhere). So, we both die, and the rounds repeat this way. TLDR, great for one round, but needs to be fixed so it can repeat.
I tried playing this map with a friend yesterday and, unfortunetaly, the map didn't work. When we would get swapped, it was like he would get tp'd to me, THEN I would be tp'd to him, which is where I was. Other than that, I love having an actual way to know how much time is left. The seed we where in was also pretty good (but idk if you picked it).
Make it English pls