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Published on July 16, 2018 (Updated on July 16, 2018)

Decimated Futuretroplis [Creation]

Futuretroplis is actually a map released on our website in the past and today the creator is bringing a brand new experience to the world. It's the same city, but it is after a huge plague which killed a large chunk of the population and decimated parts of the city. All buildings look abandoned and overgrown, and some are also partly damaged. It's definitely a pretty cool apocalyptic environment worth exploring.

Creator: tpar69Twitter Account


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Haha! You really predicted the year 2020 with a minecraft map. The population was wiped out (coronavirus) then the destruction is due to riots!
that's not true, and i guess that's not going to happen.
i mean that this MC world is not accurate to the real life situation, like how would the George Floyd riots cause residential buildings to be neglected and destroyed?
It not letting me download it
I can make a survival map out of this... Or maybe an adventure one
Nice... You make me think of the old day of hunger game!
actually, i think its from Divergent
Hey I’m just getting dis
Nice! This is an awesome Minecraft map of looks like the city in i think it's the robins but desimated by natural disasters and overgrown
If you'd just add trees and not all these abonded-like blocks, it would be a very futuristic city
Works well with the Nigh texture pack
Is there a fixed version of this map??
Yes there is just surch up futuretroplis mcpe dl
Hope you guys like my map
First xD
And soo destructive(Looks like ReWrite anime city after some natural disasters)