Published on September 25, 2015 (Updated on March 11, 2017)

Default PE [32x32]


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Theres a bug that says childs must have unique name for the ui if you cant fix that
I love it! But the mobs faces are so small that they look like memes...
is this updated to 1.14.60?
Look at Depixel Bedrock Lite. It’s same but has new name and updated to 1.16
Guest-8408471186 May 04, 2020 at 2:05 pm
get multipixel
Guest-4589934687 May 19, 2020 at 1:25 pm
why multi pixel
cuz multipixel
really cool. keep it up
Whenever I use a crafting table my game crashes everytime
Hi Mcpedl Creator i have some Issue The inventory was bugged on my tablet Its says $insern_name$ I don't know but can you fix it Pls
This is a ripoff of faithful 32x but, faithful is no longer for free :( ITS $7 ON DA RETARDED STORE ON MIN E CRAFT
Bruh Faithful is still a lot better
Yeah but you can’t really get faithful on PE
Does this work with mcpe version 1.4.2?
İt tooks so long to download
Can you update to 1.2 please? Also the cocoa bean texture is messed up. Other than that I love it!!
Some of the blocks don't appear right for me! Can that be fixed? Or is it because minecraft is 1.1.3 On 1.1.2 faithful worked till the new uptade realeased...
The fire is bugged. Can that be fixed?