Published on September 20, 2019 (Updated on September 24, 2019)

Default Wave Minecraft Persona Emote (1.13+)

Minecraft Default Wave Emote, this add-on adds the "say hello" animation in Minecraft PE Although in reality it seems that the character is dancing. This is available exclusively for Minecraft 1.13. To activate it press the button to bend down and you will automatically use the emote.

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My YouTube video was added in the description of the addon

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Addon rất hay và ý nghĩa
This addon predicted the future
Guest-8981984575 May 21, 2020 at 8:31 pm
I am not sure if u know the proper way to wave
This is how the secret file was named, then they changed it when it became official
what secret file? the file for that emote?
Kenapa pakai pin apa pin file addonya kasih tau dong pliss
Pin apaan?
Podria. Poner varios emotes a la vez si todos son de agacharse:c
yeah so i go to emote and and just sits there and does nothing am i doing something wrong im crouching
DOES NO ONE CARE ABOUT APPLE!?!?!? MAKE ADDONS FOR APPLE,I HAVE APPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
can you make a media link and a version 1.12.1 as well?
sorry this addon only works in 1.13.0.x
It’s actually the exact opposite of what you’re saying
This is really good emote for minecraft 1.13.0 but if you had it for minecraft 1.12.0 or 1.12.1 you can freak out players on your world if they join you....

Ps. This is really really good achievement for you making this effort
Good addon! But can you make mo'bends on android?
this is minecraft dude why did you make this mod
Hi!! Do you plan on making other emotes for Minecraft? if so what would be next?
Emote dinnerbone as soon as mcpedl accepts it
I like this resource pack very much! Thank you I hope you will be able to make more.
It's not working can you fix him in next update
It only works if you have the 1.13.0.x and you have your corner skin disabled