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Published on December 01, 2015 (Updated on October 16, 2017)

Defscape Texture Pack [32x32] [64x64]


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Cool, but you need to update the pack!
It only goes to 1.12.2 of what I can see, and it NEEDS to be updated to at LEAST 1.15. It's a cool pack, but it's outdated. Please update the pack.
I could do it before???
do what before
download the texture pack before
Cannot import:(
Isn’t this Soartex Fanver?
(I never actually downloaded this mc pack
That's what I was thinking. I'm pretty sure this is just soartex fanver under a different name ?
The texture pack is very beautiful and I wish I could use it but this is where my problem begins. I downloaded the 32 x 32 pack for low end devices considering the fact that I run Minecraft on a Kindle Fire. It started with no lag but after about 10 minutes Minecraft started crashing. I was patient with the crashing until I could no longer open Minecraft. Thankfully I didn't have any large projects saved at that moment, but after several attempts to erase the pack before the app crashed I decided to delete Minecraft completely. I'm not sure if the problem came from my device or the pack but if someone could help me it would be appreciated. I feel like I've said enough, thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.
This pack is purely astonishing I must say, and I just had to download the 64 by 64 to see what it looked like. I have an iPhone 6 so I wasn’t expecting it to work at all but it did. I was generally surprised with how great this texture pack worked. There was a few crashes here and there but once my phone got used to loading it up it worked perfectly fine.
An update for 1.14 would also be pleasant.
I like this texture pack it works well for me, no lag too. I like the paintings and all of the different textures on the blocks.
There's a problem with the particles. They dont appear transparent. They're in .... kind of a black square
Can you put out a link that does not send me to adfly which gives viruses thanks
most creators need to use adfly to promote their creations
Can you please update this to the latest version of Minecraft? Because the faithful texture pack is now in the minestore,
I love the textures but when i look straight or down i cant see anything, like i can see in my head.
The 64X62 pack is lovely. However a bunch of the textures in the screenshots are ether not included or different from the textures actually in the pack. such as a couple of doors, and the water. In addition to this, I'd recommend darkening the grass texture. its not a bad texture, just seems rather bright for grass.