Published on August 05, 2021 (Updated on December 22, 2021)

Desert Only Add-on

Oh wow its really hot in here. yeah its very hot. oh what? we are in desert? everything is desert? thats right! with this addons, all biomes become desert biome. goodluck surviving because trees in here are rare. very rare. but, structures will still generated such as village, shipwreck, desert pyramid, etc. Many youtubers have already did the desert only challenge. with this add-ons, you can play desert only world. single player or even multiplayer!

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Desert add on update:


Added support for 1.17+ and a lot of 1.16 version
Changed the link download to more safer link

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It would be a cool addon! Would husks spawn there?
Can you please make a savanna only add-on too please
Oooo this is good i cant wait to challenge my friends on this well if i have any friends lol
Bro please make ice spikes only addon