Desert Village on Mountain with Exposed Dungeon in Shatter Savanna and Eroded Badlands!

As soon as you spawn, go straight forward from spawn, you will come to a Savanna Village but keep going past that. You will come to a large Shattered Savanna Plateau (the mountain) that is touching a Eroded Badlands! On the right side of the mountain is a Desert village running up the side and creating really cool ledges. Under one ledge in the village is an exposed Skeleton Dungeon! On the left side of the mountain, there is a Pillager Outpost in that Desert.

However, If you go straight behind spawn, you can find a really cool Shatter Savanna biome with very cool overhands and a crater-like pit full of sand. This could make a great place for a build! And lastly, if you go to the right from spawn for a bit, you can find a tree with a Beehive under it! See coordinates listed or the map for their exact locations.

 Seed in number form: -1266956775 
Seed in word form: BidBegPALM 


 Overview of Bedrock world 


★Bedrock v1.14.x Coordinates★ 


208, 66, 4 

Desert Village running up a Shattered Savanna Plateau mountain while touching an Eroded Badlands biome: 
60, 82, 500 

Exposed Dungeon in above Village: 
80, 78, 512 

Pillager Outpost: 
335, 63, 519 

Savanna Village: 
170, 67, 120 

Shattered Savanna with large overhangs: 
180, 69, -330 

Crater-like pit in above Shatter Savannah
230, 64, -380 

-265, 70, 275 

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Awesome dat is zuper cool will be used
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Very awesome seed!
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I didn't get what you got, but it is a good survival seed. I got a village by a mesa (making it good because I have a shelter while I get gold) and a waterfall (which is good also because I can get lotses of water).
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BidBegPALM -
MobSpawner (X: 50, Y: 48, Z: 154)☠
MobSpawner (X: -20, Y: 50, Z: -7)☠
MobSpawner (X: 235, Y: 48, Z: 174)☠
MobSpawner (X: 4, Y: 55, Z: -720)☠
MobSpawner (X: 359, Y: 58, Z: -974)☠
MobSpawner (X: 710, Y: 55, Z: 199)☠
MobSpawner (X: 1311, Y: 54, Z: 520)☠
MobSpawner (X: -725, Y: 58, Z: -497)☠
MobSpawner (X: -598, Y: 52, Z: 98)☠-Fossil under dungeon
MobSpawner (X: -329, Y: 57, Z: -254)☠
MobSpawner (X: -272, Y: 49, Z: 256)☠
MobSpawner (X: -211, Y: 52, Z: 286)?
MobSpawner (X: -52, Y: 76, Z: 907)?
MobSpawner (X: -34, Y: 75, Z: 921)?
MobSpawner (X: -33, Y: 58, Z: -111)☠
MobSpawner (X: -27, Y: 56, Z: 585)☠

Buried treasure 456, (y?), 584
Mansion 13000, (y?), -9416
Mineshaft 400, (y?), -287
Ocean Monument -840, 60, 1816
Ocean Monument -424, 60, 1864
Stronghold 1794, 53, 1442
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Ur helpful thanks!
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the mob spawner with a fossil underneath has an underground ravine at -608 44 88
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Found 2 abandoned mineshafts side by side in the badlands!
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Best. Seed. Ever.
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Nice seed. I love it
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